22 March 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 43

Well hello and a Wonderful Wednesday to you! I missed last week, I wasn't feeling it somehow. I felt a bit uninspired and couldn't come up with a little list without it seeming 'forced' so if that's the case sometimes I just won't post, instead of posting something that doesn't feel 'right' does that make sense?

Nothing at all wrong, I'm my usual positive, happy self... and this week I am all inspired again, hurrah! So let's get on with it...

1. Routines. So looking back on last week, as I say felt a little uninspired and a little un motivated to write this post. I tried to take a good look at myself to figure out why.  I wasn't depressed or anything but just felt a little 'out of routine'. I lost track of sleep a bit and of good intentions and eating habits a bit and it left me feeling a bit unfocused and slightly un happy.  I've picked myself up this week and dusted myself off and I'm back on track, back to 'me'. One of the major things that I have figured out that contributes to my happiness and general well-being are my routines.  Be it the usual morning rituals, what I eat, when I exercise, what I do with my evenings. I'm such a routine person and any break to this or lack of control it does have such a negative impact on my mood. So thank you routines, I'm grateful for you this week.

2. Walking. I bloody love walking I do. And I don't mean fell walking or long countryside walks here, but gosh I LOVE those!Nope, just your everyday getting from A to B, heading into town, to work, to visit people, to the gym and back, I walk everywhere. For a very long time it was my only method of transport. I have a car and a licence these days but to be honest I often forget as I've got this far without them and I just set off walking. I walk in the sunshine, I walk in the rain, I walk in the dark (I love walking the dark especially) I am often flabbergasted when people get shocked when I say I walked places, or ask how I am getting from A to B and I say 'well those two things on the bottom of my legs'.  I want to walk, I choose to walk. I feel bad always turning down lifts from people who mean well. But really I just want to walk.  Plus I adore getting my fitbit stats, I'm on 310 miles already this year and average 4-5 miles per day and I'm quite pleased with that.

3. Light nights. So currently I have about 1.5 hours of blissful daylight after finishing work at 5 o clock. So Monday night I aimed to make the most of it. I got my bike ready in the morning, laid out all my kit and I rushed straight home at 5pm. I was in my kit, cat fed and on my bike ready to ride by 5.30. 40 min blast on the bike, 8 miles along the river, 500 cal burn and back home before the sun went down, glorious it were.  Now I just cannot wait until the end of the month when I can go further and we can allotment in the evenings too! super!

4. Holiday planning. I'm never NOT holiday planning, right? Always thinking up the next adventure and day dreaming and googling. Mark and I tend to have a biggish trip each year in the summer as a main holiday but then several smaller trips, just a weekend or long weekend here and there and they are all equally as exciting to me. We are away this weekend (I'm SURE there will be a blog post next week) then I'm away again for a few days the week after, then we have our annual first camping trip of the season to our very favouritest place Keswick at Easter, then a longer big summer holiday to plan too. I'm spending all my lunch hours happily googling away and gazing at stunning places to stay, and visit, and bike and camp... SO much fun.

5. The right shampoo and conditioner. Ugh what a stress... but they have discontinued my fave shampoo and conditioner! Ugh, the horror, the absolute painful, relentless horror!  I'm not even joking! I used to use Herbal Essences Nearly Naked 0% shampoo and conditioner and have done for the last few years. I've always hated my hair. It is flat and lifeless and fine and soft and too shiny.  But The past few years I feel like I have really changed it and got to know how to treat it. Normal shampoos and conditioners that are designed to coat your hair in crap to make it soft, shiny, and manageable are not my friends. I want to create texture and life not add more weight. I discovered these shampoos and conditioners that had no gunk in, they have no silicone and just wash and don't coat.  But they have stopped them. I mistakenly bought some from a slightly different range thinking they would be the same. They. Were. NOT! My hair was lank and fine, and ew for days. I think (think, i'm only 2 days in) I have found an alternative in the form of Treseme Perfectly Un Done range! wuhu. So far so good.  But I want an easy life, I want something inexpensive that I can pick up on the weekly pootle through Sainsburys and it not leave a load of crap on my hair. Am I asking too much? If any lovely people reading this know of this holy grail... do spill....

6. Audio books. Treated myself to a new subscription, to add to the stupidly long list of already existing ones, Netflix, Now TV, Amazon Prime, Spotify, got them all, oh and now Audible too. I'm on a free trial but I suspect I will keep it going. I love the idea of an audio book, I'm SO lazy that I can never be bothered to read. Reading is an activity that you have to do on it's own. Much like the rest of my generation (not quite Xer, not quite millennial) I'm a multitasker and my attention span is shocking (I blame you internet and social media!). Reading requires effort and concentration, it just seems like an effort. But I WANT to read. I have a pile of books SO high and I adore reading. My other 'home' hobbies crochet and TV watching, blogging etc, can be done simultaneously, all together. I sit of an evening with the big TV on usually the latest Netflix show, I have my crochet on my lap and I alternate between my phone, my laptop and watch TV at the same time. But now I have found audio books, I can sit with it on my headphones and scroll social media and crochet at the same time, winning! My first book of choice rather fitting for this little post, Fearne Cotton's Happy.

Well that's me this week, I think I have waffled on far too much so I will stop there.  But if you want to check up on everyone else's happy lists, you can do this right here:  SallyMichelleKateCatSamEleanorKerri and Lynsey and don't forget to join in yourself, there's a hashtag naturally! #WonderfulWednesday 


  1. I know exactly what you mean about routines, I feel like I have lost mine too lately and it really impacts on my mental health. I am going to take your advice and try to get mine back on track asap!

    The lighter nights are amazing! Driving home from work and it being light is my new favourite thing. Along with all the daffodils!

    I am also a fine haired gal and am always struggling to find the right shampoo. I'm using a Paul Mitchell one at the moment but may switch to one I can buy from Ocado because who wants to be ordering from loads of places?!

    Have a fab rest of the week!

    Sam x

    1. Thanks so much for your comment. Oooh Paul Mitchell, thanks for tip, i will check out that range. Best of luck with getting back onto your routines too. x

  2. Loved your post Jo! I feel your pain on the shampoo and conditioner front, it took me YEARS to find the right one that worked for me! Unfortunately my hair type is quite different to yours, so I can't advise! I tried out audible and for some reason the books won't show up on the app...hmmm may have to look into this again!
    Have a lovely rest of the week,
    Peta x


  3. Oh JO so so lovely to have yo back and i am nodding along with each and every point in this! People are often amazed at how far i walk too but i LOVE it. It sets me up for the day, empties my head after work all day and i think i can count on one hand the amount of times i've caught the bus since moving here many years ago. It's also such a nice city to wander around and i can never help thinking that EVERYONE would feel better about everything if they walked a bit more.

    I'm also majorly with you on the whole routine front. I LOVE my routines and how certain parts of my day are the same and what i expect - it keeps me focussed and balanced somehow. So i can completely relate.

    ALSO on the shampoo front, when my hair was bright blonde it was SO dry that the most conditioner-y conditioners and shampoos were the only things that made it feel vaguely soft. Since i'm now totally natural i've completely over-hauled my hair care because i've noticed how much flater my hair has been. I think it's because colouring hair swells the cuticles and makes your hair feel more volume-y than it is when basically it's just glorified straw! I started to dabble with paraben/sls/mineral oil free shampoos etc and they make SUCH a difference! My hair doesn't need all of the crap at all. I'm currently loving Boots 'Kind Natured' range - They're about 35 each but last ages and the scents are amazing! Plus their shower range is also beautiful. ALSO i should add that Lush shampoo bars are also fab and last ages too.

    Sending love xxxx

  4. Welcome back to the routine and the wonderful! Glad you're feeling it again. I'm a Tresemme girl and I've never looked back, hope you end up loving it as much.

    Kerri (another of the Wonderful Wednesday posse) introduced me to Audible some time last year, it's a bit of a game changer. I LOVE that I can work my way through a book whilst doing about four other things.

    Have a brill rest of the week
    M x


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