21 April 2017

A crochet blanket for a baby girl

I completed yet another crochet baby blanket, you can look back on previous blankets right here, should you like that kind of thing.

19 April 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 45

A very merry Wonderful Wednesday to all. If it was not for the weekly ritual of this little post I frankly wouldn't know what day it was at all! I should be a day behind, as we started the working week on a Tuesday, but no for some reason I'm a day ahead, and I was convinced it was Thursday all morning...!

Aside from getting myself in a muddle, the four day weekend was rather lovely wasn't it! I think every weekend should be like that, or at least once per month, I won't be too greedy. Oh and the eating of large chocolate eggs is probably necessary every weekend too. I might start up a political party for the next general election (ohhh myyyyy yaaaaaawn!) with those two policies, who's WITH me?

So whatever day it is, here's what's been making me smile for the past few....

15 April 2017

A walk around Derwentwater

First camping trip of the season, DONE! Wuhu! Check out my camping face. It is quite the tradition for Mark and I to go to Keswick for our very first camping trip of the year, we have been doing it for the past few years.

13 April 2017

Visiting Windsor Castle

I recently treated myself to a visit to London, to catch up with some friends and have a bit of a reminisce about the days in which I used to live there.  It's been 8 years since I left the big smoke so thought it was time I went back.

During my short stay I was super keen to pop to Windsor on the train and visit a very very old friend, my favourite castle in the world (yep sorry Carlisle!) Windsor. This place will always have a special place in my heart because well, look at it, but also I spent 5 years of my life working here!

12 April 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 44

Well well, where have I BEEN?  I never apologise on my blog, well because frankly it's MY blog and I blog when I want, plus I am pretty certain nobody noticed I was missing (except my Mum, I know she reads weekly, hi Mum, Fanks!) hehe.

So it's an extra super dooper bumper edition this week and will cover some wonderfullness of late. I've got pictures and everything!!! I feel like I have SO much to tell and there are tons of blog posts in draft, busy, busy, busy... so let's get down to it then shall we...

9 April 2017

Allotment update...

You may remember WAY back at the end of summer last year we got an allotment. I wrote an excitable blog post here.  I have been desperate to do an update, but really there hasn't been that much to update.

The allotment isn't always very picturesque and we have simply been digging over beds all winter, nothing exciting.

But now is the exciting time of year, we have begun to plant and we are seeing signs of growth too, so I thought I would do an update post now I have something to show...