15 April 2017

A walk around Derwentwater

First camping trip of the season, DONE! Wuhu! Check out my camping face. It is quite the tradition for Mark and I to go to Keswick for our very first camping trip of the year, we have been doing it for the past few years.

This first trip is always here, Castlerigg Hall Campsite, it's honestly the most perfect an example of a campsite I have come across. The heated toilet block is fantastic, there's a shop, a small restaurant even AND they have goats!

This was our little home for two nights. We popped up after work on Thursday, it's just a 45 min trip and we stayed until Saturday.

I am quite happy seeing the same things here in Keswick over and over again, but sometimes it's nice to do something different.

Derwentwater is the lake in Keswick and I've seen it from pretty much every angle. I've been to places all the way round the lake but I've never walked all the way round the lake in one go, so we did!

There's a handy path through our campsite that you follow down the hill to the lake, there you simply just follow paths all the way round, easy peasy.

The walk is around 10 miles all the way round and is entirely flat and has really decent footpaths all the way round. Wheelchairs and pushchairs can probably do most of it.

The Keswick launch acts as a ferry and most people seem to get the launch to one stop along the shore and do the walk to the next. It is a very busy, popular path, or at least was on Good Friday when we did it.

So this particular day the weather was not perfect, and as you can see my photos are a bit grey and dark. I have not made an attempt to edit them or lighten them as they capture the day as it really was.

I adored this walk, we had a lot of fun, it is stupidly picturesque and the length made it a good challenge. The fact that it was not beautiful sun and it kept raining did not matter to me in the slightest. Honestly if you wait for decent weather in Cumbria you will never get anywhere. It is perfectly possible to get out and about and enjoy yourselves in the rain, shock horror!

You can see Catbells just in the distance here.

Found a penny tree. We suspect this is quite new as most of the coins are the last few years.

Paddle paddle.

I love a little bridge!

I spotted this beautiful, stupidly cute cottage, I couldn't resist snapping it. It's simply a perfect Pinterest cottage!

Half way round is Grange, a lovely little village which is also a very favourite of ours. It is perfectly placed half way round the lake.  The true path bypasses Grange but we decided to pop down the road a bit further so we could have lunch here.

After around 7 or so miles this pretty little bridge was a welcome sight.

THIS tearoom is THE one! I'm not sure if it even has a name it is just the main tearoom in Grange. For a teeny little village I think there are 3 tearooms here.  The staff are just the most friendly and kind you are likely to meet.

I practically inhaled this cheese and onion toastie...

And knowing full well we would burn them straight off again we had ice cream for dessert.

We made another little de-tour on the route, pop down the lane next to the tea room and you get to Hollows Farm and the prettiest little river in all the lake district. It is just perfect for paddling and swimming in the summer. We had to pay this little place a visit.

The river was very low today, you could practically walk all the way across. The water is so clear and beautiful I was mighty tempted to take a dip right there and then. But seriously if you are looking for a Lake District wild swimming place, look no further.

Onwards now over the other side of the lake.

We reached the stupidly pretty shores of Abbots Bay. Goodness me it would be rather lovely to live in that nice house up there wouldn't it.

The weather improved a little on this side of the lake and the sun started to make an appearance.

I was quite taken by the size of this tree.

Whilst Mark headed into a large pair of hands for some quiet contemplation...

I really loved this walk. I've been to so many bits of the lake before but never walked the whole way round and joined them up before, so it was really interesting.

Look who we met on the way back into Keswick!

So the walk round the lake is 10 miles if you set off from say Friar's Crag. However we walked from our campsite down the road, then on a little way to Grange and Hollows Farm, then back up the hill to our campsite.  So in total we walked 17 miles on this day. My legs certainly noticed this fact on the way up the stupidly steep hill to our campsite.  But OH SO worth it.

Also pretty pleased with that sleep stat the night before from first night in the tent.

I'm now on a mission to attempt to walk round every lake in the Lake District. I've done a few, but want to add a few more now. Flat, round lake walks are far more me than 'bagging' Wainwrights, hehe!


  1. Don't think I am up to walking all that way but it looks lovely ! I didn't even realise that there was a path all the way around !! Well done you two xxx

  2. Ooh never done this. We walked round Ennerdale last year and it was STUNNING. And hardly anyone there - think it's too far away from the main roads for most tourists! h xx

  3. Great Blog and loved the Photographs. Dont think I'm up to a walk that far though.

  4. Beautiful photos and a lovely way to spend a weekend. Looks so peaceful x


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