12 April 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 44

Well well, where have I BEEN?  I never apologise on my blog, well because frankly it's MY blog and I blog when I want, plus I am pretty certain nobody noticed I was missing (except my Mum, I know she reads weekly, hi Mum, Fanks!) hehe.

So it's an extra super dooper bumper edition this week and will cover some wonderfullness of late. I've got pictures and everything!!! I feel like I have SO much to tell and there are tons of blog posts in draft, busy, busy, busy... so let's get down to it then shall we...

1. A Monday off. Yep this NEVER happens, I work Monday to Friday 9-5. I'm not complaining about my working pattern, I love my weekends off. But every now and again as a rare treat it is nice to have a weekday off. The streets and roads are quieter, the supermarkets are less stressy and there is just somehow a different 'feel' to the day. I had this particular Monday off as a lieu day for a Saturday I worked and I really enjoyed doing nothing at all and wandering leisurely round Sainsburys.

2. A James weekend.  I had a teeny little buddy to stay for a sleepover (James is my 2 year old nephew). It was LOTS of fun. I made him his very own super dooper den bed with all my million cushions and pillows and blankets. The cat decided said den bed looked super comfy and claimed it before James could get here... and then James slept just on the mattress, with no pillow or covers in his usual position curled up with his bottom in the air! Hey I tried right! Hehe. Here's us 'fishing' with sticks in a puddle, check out those matching cons... aunty/nephew goals riiiight!

 'what, what, what you looking at, look how cute I am. mew mew'

3. A family birthday lunch for Dad. It was Daddy's birthday recently, we wanted to go somewhere nice. There's been a teeny bit of family 'stuff' going on recently so we ALL went out for a well deserved lovely lunch and it was splendid. Daddy LOVES a scone (we all love a scone but Daddy is OBSESSED!) so we took him to Sally's Tea Room near Carlisle, it is THE place for scones in Cumbria. I got a Raspberry and white Chocolate, YES I did, MY it was tasty.

4. Finally meeting my friend's kids. Popped down to London last weekend didn't I. I visited lots of friends and got all caught up, was super lovely. I realise this makes me sound like THE worst friend in the history of the world, but this was the first time I had met a good friend's two children (they are 4 and nearly 1) yikes! Her children are as beautiful and lovely and fun as I imagined they would be, she also has THE dream house and just a super lovely life... NOT jealous! hehe. I had such a nice day.

5. Crumbs and Doilies cupcakes.  Do you follow Cupcake Jemma on all the social medias? She is THE cake person to follow, seriously, be prepared to drooooool. I wrote a little bucket list for my trip to London and I am not embarrassed to say right at the top of the list was to buy cupcakes from Crumbs and Doilies. Cake and I are having a bit of a fall out recently (long, yukky story) but I made an exception for these beauties. It is the cutest, teeniest, trendiest little Carnaby Street shop and you get a dainty little box, complete with doily of course. I don't think I need to describe just how srummy they were. (They got a little squished before I could take the photo, soz!)

6. A Macro lens.  I mentioned we have our very own woods now right? I know, I know, it's epic! See blog post here all about it.... well in the woods I wanted to take photos of all the things. I don't think I take a bad photo, but I'm not the best photographer and all my photos for this blog come from my iPhone. The photography on the blog gets better as I work up the models, currently latest 7. But what I really crave is a Macro lens. I love close up photography like this, capturing all the detail, it's so good when in the woods for photographing plants. So I did a little googling and turns out you can by clip on lenses for your phone, So cool! They are super cheap too. They work quite well really (well after Mark figured it out, following my frustrated stroppy tantrum cos I couldn't get it to work!).

7. Knowing where I belong. My London visit was rather long overdue, I moved away from there 8 years ago and some friends I caught up with I hadn't seen in that time. I went back for a reunion with old work friends and to look round and reminisce and visit old work places etc etc. It was a little step back in time and made me think about my London life and question whether I missed it.  Well I honestly 100% don't. It might be fun to visit friends and the big smoke every now and again but I couldn't wait to get back to fresh air and greenry, Mark and Cumbria, my home.

8. Cat cushion. When I was in London, did a bit of wandering on my own to try and remember where all the bits and bobs were, got a bit lost and confused. Just went with it of course, can't look like a tourist, so just kept walking in the hope of finding somewhere that looked familiar, lol...14 miles later (no lie, I've got the fitbit stats and everything) I did happen to stumble across the Sass and Belle shop. I wanted to buy ALL the things! I think I was remarkably restrained when I just came out with 1 item, this rather glorious, very practical, very sensible and highly grown up cat head cushion. LOOK at it though, anyone would, right?

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  1. I always feel like that about London too - love the greenery too much! Is that first pic the long walk in Windsor or is my radar right off?! h xx

    1. Thanks for your comment. It is indeed Windsor, if you know it its unmistakable isn't it! No matter how many times I see it always takes my breath away. x

    2. Mum did indeed read !! Maybe one day we will visit Windsor together , I live in hope xxxx

  2. Sounds like you're exactly where you're supposed to be, Jo, and that's the best feeling :) I love London but I know I don't want to be here forever...I just need to figure out where to go... C x

  3. Welcome back to the internet! I know what its like when life is just SO busy that you can't catch your breath, wonderful wednesdays have been let slide as of late, but im going to improve that!

    Crumbs and Dollies is great, I love Cupcake Jemma! If you ever head to London again you should try their brownies! They are delicious. Also Hummingbird Bakery is another great place for cupcakes!

    AND that cat cushion is so cute! I am slightly obessed with cat printed things, so that cushion is right up my street! xx

    Lynsey || One More Slice


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