19 April 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 45

A very merry Wonderful Wednesday to all. If it was not for the weekly ritual of this little post I frankly wouldn't know what day it was at all! I should be a day behind, as we started the working week on a Tuesday, but no for some reason I'm a day ahead, and I was convinced it was Thursday all morning...!

Aside from getting myself in a muddle, the four day weekend was rather lovely wasn't it! I think every weekend should be like that, or at least once per month, I won't be too greedy. Oh and the eating of large chocolate eggs is probably necessary every weekend too. I might start up a political party for the next general election (ohhh myyyyy yaaaaaawn!) with those two policies, who's WITH me?

So whatever day it is, here's what's been making me smile for the past few....

1. Big Little Lies. OOh anyone else been watching this? I loved this programme and binged watched the lot in a couple of evenings. It was VERY short though, but my my that's a cast! Reece and Nicole PLUS Eric from True Blood (swooon). You just know it's going to be good when actual Hollywood actresses are in it.

2. Easter Eggs. I probably couldn't get through this list this week without mentioning these right? It occurred to Mark and I that we didn't have any Easter Eggs. The million and one Cadbury Cream Eggs I have been scoffing since February don't count here... With being somewhat advanced in age it would seem people don't bother to buy us these things anymore, ugh. So we bought ourselves some and scoffed them in our tent on the THURSDAY before Easter! Yeah see kids, we may not get bought Easter Eggs anymore but being an adult means you get to buy them and eat them whatever dam day you like... (if there ever was a reason to 'grow up' that's probably it!).

3. The house to myself. Mark popped to his woods on Monday, but I decided to stay at home just to potter, you know. I needed a day of pottering and just catching up with myself.  I didn't do much exciting at all really, ended up cleaning and sorting. But it's SO much easier to do these things on one's own without 'men folk' around, sorry but it just is. I enjoyed having the house to myself... but then I was happy to see his face again when he returned in the evening.

4. Camping. The first camping trip of the season is done! Wuhu! We always go to Keswick around this time of year to dust the cobwebs off the tent and ease us gently into the camping season. Keswick is easy, very close to home and the campsite we always go to is just lovely. Mark calls it 'glamping' but I don't care, it's camping to me, we're in a tent and everything! I love camping, I love being able to pack up and go, being able to explore new places quickly, easily and cheaply. I love the cosyness of a tent. I love the fact you are away from it all and have no TV or phone signal, I love it all.

5. A big loooong walk. During said camping trip we embarked on a walk all the way around Derwentwater. Turned out to be 17 miles of walk, from tent to tent and a little de-tour for lunch. I was quite pleased with my fitbit stats after that and rather quite proud of my chubby old legs. It was a stupendously glorious, beautiful walk. Yes it rained a bit and was a bit windy and grey but it didn't matter one bit.

6. Hen do excitement. It's like exactly 2 months until my little sister gets married, er screeeeam! It's also about 2.5 weeks until her Hen do. A bunch of us are renting a little house somewhere in the middle between Carlisle and Newcastle for you know hen do stuff. I'm sure there will be silly games, lots of 'Jen' stories, hopefully LOTS of cake and bubbles to drink and lots of laughs. I am SO looking forward to it. Let the celebrations of my little sis commence...

7. Growth. Popped down the allotment t'other day and was overjoyed by the number of little shoots and greenery. I've got a snake head flower in full bloom, we've got suuuper long garlic, er 'leaves'? The different varieties of onion are popping up and the rhubarb, well it's gone wild. Also in the garden at home we potted up some acrons and conkers we picked in the autumn, we didn't think they would do much, but they are shooting out all over the place! Baby oak trees, I'm SO excited!

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  1. Wow a 17 mile walk is LONG - go you! Plus completely relate to having the house to yourself just to potter to your own musings!

    Enjoy the rest of your week xx

    Lynsey || One More Slice

  2. Oh, you've got the camping in early! I can't wait to go camping this year especially with the pup in toe now! We could have started earlier but since I broke my foot, that's sort of ruined the spring time a little. Sigh.

    Still, hearing about your camping adventure makes me excited for mine to begin!

  3. Eeeee allotment growth is very exciting!! I love Keswick it's such a lovely place, were you not freezing camping?! Well done on your epic walk too!
    I hope you have a lovely weekend,
    Peta x


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