24 May 2017

Wonderful Wednesday.. 48

I walked to work a little slower on Tuesday morning, with a heavy heart, still trying to process the morning's news. Oh Manchester, my Manchester, just ugh. My last WW post, just 2 weeks ago 'Manchester' was on my little happy list.

I don't feel happy or 'wonderful' today, lots happening in the world, lots happening closer to home, lots of things whirring and whirring around in my head. But I guess then, it makes these little lists ALL the more important. I will admit that I have had to try quite a bit harder than usual with this:

Here's a little list of happy things of late:

12 May 2017

Camping in the woods...

So the other weekend was our very first camp out in OUR woods! You can read all about the woods in this post here. Neither of us have stayed over before, because well it's been a bit cold for camping really... and erm bears! hehe.

11 May 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 47

Erm... just going to leave this little post here and hope nobody notices that it's not in fact Wednesday at all anymore... lol... shhhhh!

Wonderful Wednesday, for those who may be new here, is a little list of lovely things that have put a smile on my face so far this week.  It was the genius of Miss Sally Tangle, and there's a wee group of us who joined in.  Thinking about these, writing these, reading my blogging friend's lists really do help to keep that big smile on my face..

5 May 2017

A handmade walking stick

A little bit of a different sort of craft on the blog today. I thought I would share how Mark and I (well mostly Mark I won't lie) made a beautiful wooden walking stick out of a Hazel branch...

3 May 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 46

Hello there, it is time for yet another instalment of this little blog segment we like to call, ah Woooonderfuuuuuuul Wednesday...

And here for your reading pleasure is this week's happy little list of stuff and things....