12 May 2017

Camping in the woods...

So the other weekend was our very first camp out in OUR woods! You can read all about the woods in this post here. Neither of us have stayed over before, because well it's been a bit cold for camping really... and erm bears! hehe.

This was in fact my very first 'wild' camp... I think at least... I have only ever camped at campsites and festivals and in back gardens...  I've bothy camped before in the 'wild' but never in the tent, so I was super excited.

Our little home for the evening.

So we arrived on Sunday lunchtime to the woods. We did an explore first, walking right round the woods to check things over and just well, to enjoy it really before setting up camp and getting settled in.

One of the things we are enjoying doing is species collecting. We have a log book of different plants and animals we spot in the woods in month order. As it had been a few weeks since our last visit we were excited to see what the new  season was bringing.

I was delighted to see the wild garlic had flowered, we were visited by this buzzy guy who would not stay still for his photo...

This is 'the clearing' and our home for the night. The tent wasn't actually on quite such a sloped angle in real life, looks quite odd and uncomfortable here, but was relatively flat to sleep in I assure you.

A large Ash tree was felled in the clearing just before Mark completed on the purchase but we asked to keep the logs to make into seats and tables, as you can see. We have started to place them a bit, but you know, big and heavy... these were the ones we could 'roll' so far.  But check it out there's room for a few people here, anyone fancy a woods party? hehe. We are so excited to invite our friends and family down soon to enjoy this spot with us.

We spent a while on this visit clearing this er clearing. The ground was covered in wild garlic, but we strimmed a lot of it down. Don't worry the whole rest of the woods is still covered in the stuff, but we do hope to keep this area a little tidier and managed.  Then we levelled off a camping spot and tidied up some of the messier sticks and twigs etc.

I made time for a little pootle and explore on my own, it was really rather lovely.  I walked down the river to the prettiest little bend and sat myself on a rock and just did nothing much at all for a while. I'm longing for long hot summer days when we can jump in here for a swim!

I took a little macro lens with me on this visit. All my photos are taken with my iPhone, it's just handy isn't it and I think the photo quality on iPhones is fab these days. But I do often wish for a macro setting like on 'real' cameras.  I bought this little clip on one and gave it a go. It really isn't the easiest thing to use and you really have to be patient and persevere to get anything like decent shots. These are just me playing and obviously no where near perfect!

Mark gazing out at his view. This particular spot was on a newly discovered route we found. That's one of the most exciting thing about the woods, there's still so much to explore and discover.

But we do a lot of this when we are here, just gazing and appreciating...

Can you guess what it is yet?

I love these funny guys! How peculiar...

I have a thing for ferns, I like them best when they are all curly like this...

As it got later into the afternoon Mark built a fire in the clearing. Mark is never really happy until there is a fire, he then proceeded to add more and more sticks all evening. I will just happily let fire be Mark's job...

Whilst this particular blog post was not in fact sponsored by Strongbow, we would be very keen to hear from cider or beer manufacturers who would like to sponsor future visits to the woods... lol!

This is what it is all about though right? We had a lovely afternoon and evening, simply sitting, pottering, drinking cider, eating snacks and chatting round the campfire, utter bliss....

The fire was so big that it was still alight in the morning!

I loved our first sleepover in the woods. Sitting on the logs drinking beer with Mark here, wasn't scary at all. There were so many animal sounds, it's just calm and tranquil. Mark did go to check the car at one point and I didn't love being on my own in the dark, but once in the tent I was perfectly safe, warm and not really very scared at all. I had a lovely nights sleep, only woken by the natural light and the sound of all the birds cheeping....

Mark admitted in the morning that on one of his visits in the night, you know, er behind a tree, he spotted a pair of glowing eyes staring at him. He didn't tell me until the morning in case I was freaked out... we suspect a fox or something, but who knows...! eek.

We then packed up slowly and went for a further explore, before reluctantly dragging ourselves back to civilization and normal life... until next time woods....


  1. How amazing to have such a great spot to camp out! Those "funny guys" look like mare's tails/horsetails (Equisetum arvense) . . . I think?

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  3. I am still SO jealous that you have your own woodland, it has to be the dream. Enjoy every second of exploring it, I can't wait to follow along vicariously.
    M x <a href="http://www.lifeoutsidelondon.co.uk>Life Outside London</a>


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