3 May 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 46

Hello there, it is time for yet another instalment of this little blog segment we like to call, ah Woooonderfuuuuuuul Wednesday...

And here for your reading pleasure is this week's happy little list of stuff and things....

1. Waking up in the woods. Yup! Our first ever wild camp in our very own woods! It was SO much fun. I honestly had the most perfect weekend. Waking up to natural light and only the sound of bird song. Creeping out of the tent to see the sun filling our little clearing, really quite magical. I wonder if you can live forever in the woods? Hmmmm....

2. Kara walks. I was dog sitting on Saturday, just the whole day hanging out with my old best Kara friend. She is my parent's dog, or rather our family dog, but I am her favourite person in the world obviously! We went for a long walk together into the park, and paddled and paddled and chased sticks. I let her have all the time she wanted to sniffing and nibbling grass... she's not the youngest doggy anymore, she has trouble even getting up and down stairs now (breaks my heart witnessing this, I cannot even tell you how much). So a little extra time is required for everything. But I had all the time in the world for this old girl on Saturday, and made me realise I need to make much more time for her.  Cos hanging out with her really is much more pleasant than hanging out with most people.

3. 3 day weekend. Well it had to be in here didn't it. This 3 day weekend came at the end of a pretty crappy week if I'm honest so it was much needed. It absolutely flew by of course, but was nice to be able to get things done and have time to chill and relax too.

4. Old skool Placebo. I was in a super sweaty spinning class the other week and really flagging when the instructor explains the next 3 tracks will be an 'enduro' section, yup 14 mins no breaks peddling super fast on as high a resistance as we could bare... the final track and feel like my legs might just not be there anymore, when the unmistakable intro to Nancy Boy by Placebo blares out of the sound system. YES! I don't think I've listened to this song since my late teens, when I wanted to BE Brian Molko! (seriously his black bob and eyeliner was GOALS!). That song certainly motivated me for the rest of the session, and I've been listening to ALL the old skool Placebo on Spotify on my walks to and from work ever since.

5. Sainsburys Belgian Chocolate Ice cream. It was an ice cream kind of day the other day, YOU know the ones. Nothing else would really do... For some insane reason I walked past the Ben and Jerry's (wait what!!) and a little tub of Belgian Choc caught my eye, thought I would give it a whirl... my MY it was good. I don't think I have ever put anything quite so silky smooth in my mouth before. Let's just say that tub did not hang around very long!

6. A red squirrel. I spotted him up a tree in our woods, he spotted me too and ran further up... Then he snuggled down right up on the highest branch, curled up and went to sleep. He most likely did a little chuckle to himself whilst dozing off....pesky feeble human, you can't get me up here! He did hang about long enough for me to get Mark to come see too though. Thanks Mr Squirrel, seeing you put a big smile on my face.

7. A new happy place. I spent a little alone time in the woods at the weekend, enjoying the exploring and the solitude. The woods border is a river if you follow the river out of the boundary of the woods you come to the most perfect swimming spot river bend I ever did see. Seriously I could never take a photo that will do this place justice, you literally gasp when you see it. It's gently sloped pebble beech leads to a deep pool, and I was SO ready to whip all my clothes off and jump in right then and there... Being a little on the nippy side instead I settled myself on a rock and just sat, stared and marvelled.... This I do declare will be my new happy place. When I'm a little stressed at work, I just need to think, this place exists, it's here, waiting, ready for me to sit back down on that rock when I need it... ahhhhh....

8. Mark. Always Mark really. Gush gush, but he is THE number 1 thing/person in my life that makes me the happiest without a doubt. And perfect weekends together, just the two of us, in the middle of nowhere, in our special somewhere, really make me realise how much I appreciate and am grateful for him.

And that's us for another week, but if you haven't quite had your fill of wonderfulness then do bob on  by to these lovely chaps... SallyMichelleKateCatSamEleanorKerri and Lynsey and don't forget to join in yourself, there's a hashtag naturally! #WonderfulWednesday 


  1. Well this is just a gorgeous list. That happy place sounds just wonderful and waking up in the woods is amazing! Having the company of a dog always makes things better.
    I have just passed an ice cream van and now all this talk of ice cream is making me crave it.
    Have a lovely rest of your week
    Kate xx

  2. The woods still sound fabulous, and glad your first camping trip there went well. Glad you enjoyed quality time with Kara, there is nothing like it xx


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