11 May 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 47

Erm... just going to leave this little post here and hope nobody notices that it's not in fact Wednesday at all anymore... lol... shhhhh!

Wonderful Wednesday, for those who may be new here, is a little list of lovely things that have put a smile on my face so far this week.  It was the genius of Miss Sally Tangle, and there's a wee group of us who joined in.  Thinking about these, writing these, reading my blogging friend's lists really do help to keep that big smile on my face..

Get involved... say hello on social media, #WonderfulWednesday, leave a comment below, or why not have a go at your own wee list, whether you blog it or not, focusing on things that make you smile and things you are grateful for really do help to keep you smiling.. try it....

Let's get on with it the shall we...

1. Hair cut. Got my hair chopped finally, feels like ages between deciding I needed it cut and eventually getting round to it. It's not even different enough for anyone to notice, just a simple chop... but it FEELS so much better, you know... a haircut always makes me smile.

2. Hen do. It was my sister's hen do last weekend. A bunch of us all stayed in an old school house in the middle of nowhere and it was super super fun just to hang out in our pjs and have a little drink and a giggle and you know celebrate my little sis!

3. Hanging out with Meg in the sunshine. I don't know what happened up north recently but the sun came out! We should make the most of this as it's likely this will be our summer. Meg mog has started asking to go out a lot more recently. She's an inside cat, and always will be but we let her out on the lead a little bit in our yard. It was lovely the other day to just hang out outside with Meg. Usually she is super skittish and leaps about and runs back in after 5 mins.  But this day she lounged around and enjoyed the sun and we sat together on the floor and just enjoyed being in the garden together for a moment.

4. Running. Eek it's probably far too early to include this here on this little list but I've been for a few runs recently. 'Runs' is used here in the very loosest of terms as I am just getting back into it, but I've been out and that's the main thing. I may have also joined a running club at work, eek, this scares me greatly but it may just prove to be the kick up the arse I need... I am feeling quite happy and positive about it all. I genuinely loved running when I could do it and did it regularly, see posts here for examples... I'm just impatient to get back to that now.

5. Manchester. Manchester was home to me for a good few years, it's where I went to uni, where I learnt to be independent etc etc. I used to be so excited about this city and adored it when I was a student. It just had everything I could ever want and felt so cool. I've been back a couple of times since I left but not had a proper look round the uni end of town. I was in Manchester for a work conference this week and it felt super nice being back. I wandered to my old uni buildings, they have changed beyond recognition which was a bit shocking... but I did enjoy my little trip down memory lane.

6. Good friends. My friends are super important to me. I'm sure I'm the same as everyone in that I go through periods of seeing them a lot and other times of seeing them not much at all... One friend I have now, is a relatively new friend really, she can't escape me cos we work together too, but I just enjoy hanging out with her so much. When you have someone who you can just gossip with and chat to, and moan with, someone who just gets you and is fun to be around, and who can make you giggle well that's just fab isn't it. I'm super grateful for my friend Anna.

That's me for this week, but do check out my Wonderful Wednesday chums right here... SallyMichelleKateCatSamEleanorKerri and Lynsey and don't forget to join in yourself, there's a hashtag naturally! #WonderfulWednesday 


  1. Great post, and worth the wait! Happy new haircut, and I have been enjoying the freak northern sunshine too. Manchester was my uni city, and I love going back, it always feels like such a great place to visit. Good luck with the running, I think if you have trainers on, you can call it a run!! x

    1. Hi Katie, thanks so much for the comment. Did you go to Uni Of Manchester? a fellow alumnus...? I wandered down Oxford Road and was shocked by how much it has changed there... where have all the buildings gone!? eek! I like your point, trainers = running, totally! x


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