24 May 2017

Wonderful Wednesday.. 48

I walked to work a little slower on Tuesday morning, with a heavy heart, still trying to process the morning's news. Oh Manchester, my Manchester, just ugh. My last WW post, just 2 weeks ago 'Manchester' was on my little happy list.

I don't feel happy or 'wonderful' today, lots happening in the world, lots happening closer to home, lots of things whirring and whirring around in my head. But I guess then, it makes these little lists ALL the more important. I will admit that I have had to try quite a bit harder than usual with this:

Here's a little list of happy things of late:

1. James. I had a day with my nephew (2) recently, I was babysitting at his house in Gateshead. James always surprises me, he's just so clever and so SO good! (a testament to the amazing parents he has) At nap time, I simply asked him if he wanted a nap, he climbed up on the sofa and did just that no question... I asked for his dummy back, he gave me it back no bother too. I walked with him to the bus stop, he's so independent now and won't go in the push chair or hold hands. But when the bus came I explained I was going to pick him up to get on the bus and he said ok, and just let me, he climbed up on a seat and excitedly enjoyed his bus journey! I was anxious about walking with him with no pushchair or reigns (nope he won't let you use those either) but I really didn't need to be, he's honestly an angel, just pootles along beside you... The little tike did trick me into giving him some chocolate from mummy's secret stash but we'll let him off for that one, because frankly that just makes him even more endearing to me!

2. Weeding. Pretty much all we are doing at the allotment currently is, well, weeding. All beds are mostly planted up, and some of the big tasks, like polytunnels and sheds etc are waiting further funds or for Mark's back to get a little better, so pretty much weeding. We knew there would be some weeds at the allotment but I don't think we were prepared for how quickly these little blighters would grow. Sometimes it's hard to see the difference between the weeds and the little veggie seedlings sprouting up, so we have to wait for the potatoes and the onions shoots to get a bit bigger and then there's now just millions to dig out.  It can be a little daunting to see all the weeds back where you just dug them a week ago... but we shall plod on. It was a beautiful day on Sunday and I spent many a relaxing hour, just me, and my trowel, a few worms and spiders, just weeding, weeding, weeding.

3. Early morning runs. Running has the power to be SUCH a mood changer. So last week, I embarked upon a new training regime (ooh get me) from a book Mark lent me. There is a table to start off running, you know how many mins run, walk, how often etc etc.  I glance down the table with a little scorn, 'I'm not a beginner', I think to myself, 'I'm not going for long fast walks'. I put myself somewhere near the run 25 mins non stop bit to start. Tried it, OH NO!!! I massively over judged that one! lol! So I got horribly frustrated and flounced home, vowing to give up running forever, stupid running! Gave myself a good talking to and picked a much more realistic, but still tough, goal of running ten mins, 5 min fast walk, repeat for Tuesday morning. It was hard and I pushed myself but I did it, and the difference in my mood when I got home after that run and the rest of the day was immense. Yes it is baby steps back up to where I used to be, but I need to recognise it is baby steps and not kill myself, nor my enthusiasm! I will get there!

4. Baby Oak Trees. I have a thing for oaks, always have. I even have an oak leaf tattooed on my arm. Last Autumn we enjoyed a super lovely day walking in Keswick and we picked up some huge, lovely acorns from some woodland.  We filled our pockets with them and then planted them at the bottom of the garden in a big empty planter and sort of forgot about them really. I didn't think for one minute they would grow, but goodness me, grow they have! I keep going down the bottom of the garden for a look and getting super shocked by their size now! They do seem to literally be doubling in size overnight. They have proper large oak leaves on them now too which is funny! Oh baby Oak trees, you do make me happy. Our plan for these babies is of course to take them to the woods when they area  little older. HOW fab to plant our own oaks in our woods, gosh that makes me smile a lot!

5. A 'Wedding prep' day with my sister.  Saturday was spent with my sister, just me and her, a rare treat! We started off with a bridal makeup trial (her not me!) a stop in a sweet little tea room for scones (always scones) and then on to the hairdressers for our wedding hair trials. Mine took all of two seconds (I want it to look exactly the same as usual, but just a teeny bit different, that makes sense in my head!!!) Jen's took FOREVER, but she's the bride so that's ok, hehe.  The wedding is 3 weeks on Saturday, eek! It's all getting suuuuper suuuuper exciting now.

6. Painted Spoons. Yup this is a bit random, but bear with me. I think this is more than likely a Pinterest idea.  But for ages, since we started planting in the allotment I have wanted to make colourful markers to show what was in each bed. I finally got round to making some this week and we went out to plant them at the allotment. I just got some poundland wooden spoons, some acrylic paint, an outdoor clear varnish and a sharpie. They probably won't last the winter, but I love how they look in our allotment, super cute.

We often go for a nosy around the other plots at our allotment, you know get 'inspiration' for ours and see what our fellow allotmenters are up to. THIS (above) is what I have to contend with! Oh sigh... allotment goals.... sigh! I love you Andrew! I've never actually seen you in your garden, but you must live in it, so perfect. So my little coloured spoons are my teeny attempt to bring some colour and cuteness to ours.

That's me for this week, but do check out my Wonderful Wednesday chums right here... SallyMichelleKateCatSamEleanorKerri and Lynsey and don't forget to join in yourself, there's a hashtag naturally! #WonderfulWednesday  (If you take part in these posts PLEASE let me know to include your link here too!)

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