7 June 2017

Wonderful Wednesday... 49

Oh dear, I feel like this little hiding place is being somewhat neglected of late, probably just when I need it the most. Things are just 'busy' and 'stressy' you know, lots of thing going on yet nothing in particular and I'm just loooonging for some time to just well do nothing at all.

But in amongst the busyness I have gathered together a happy little list. It is important when stuff is a struggle to focus on the small things you are grateful for that make the hard things all seem worth it...

1. Audio books. I never seem to find the time to read and reading makes me sleepy, so audio books are just fab for me. I've got Gretchen Rubin's 'Better than Before', Davina McCall's 'Lessons I've Learned' and Laura Jane William's 'Ice Cream for Breakfast' all on the go at the same time. Whenever I find myself on a train or walking somewhere I pick a book to listen to. I adore books like these, just super positive, that can help change your outlook on life. I often write little notes from books, little gems and things to ponder, I love getting inspired in this way.

2. Rescuing a bee. Just washing up the other morning, as you do, and I noticed outside the window to the left of me something rather large bobbing about in the wind in a spider web. Shuddered a little assuming it was just a rather large spider. But looked again and it was a buzzy bee! AW! He was still alive and buzzing away, trying to escape, there was no sign of the spider.  So I popped out, grabbed a stick and set him free from the web. I popped him down on the wall for a few moments and he caught his breath and then flew off. I felt awesome! I'm literally saving lives, hehe!

3. Hot hot weather. Goodness me what is happening to the weather lately? As I type this on Tuesday lunch time it feels like winter again, it's drizzly, I am wearing a jumper and it's cold cold! But last week it was HOT hot! Like felt like Spain hot! I'm not the best in the heat really, I'm built for colder climates me, but you cannot help but smile and feel positive on super sunny days.

4. Sitting by a lake. We excitedly introduced Mark's sister to our woods the other weekend. I think she liked it, hurrah! It was a rather nice day, got out super sunny so we made the most of it and popped down to the local lake (yep did I mention OUR woods is erm in the bloomin lake district!). We just stopped and sat by the lake and stared and marveled at its awesomeness. Goodness me sigh sigh, I could have stayed there forever, sitting, staring. I wouldn't even need a book, my phone anything... I could sit still for hours on the shores of this place. Mark on the other hand doesn't sit still for one second... as evidence here in this photo, hehe.

6. A friendly BBQ. To celebrate the hot hot weather we decided to have a BBQ. We don't have people over nearly often enough and everyone is always 'busy' and got kids and stuff and things.... but we thought why not, we shall invite a few people and see what happens. If there is more food for us then so be it... But people came and it was fun! And we drank, and ate and chatted.... Super lovely to have friends round, let's do it more often please.

8. Park meadow. I found myself wandering through the local park at the end of last week, on route from one of our campuses to the other for a work meeting. I always go through the park, it's the quickest route I'm sure, erm, also less 'peopley'. You will always find me going 'the back' way, the odd way, cutting behind places and using the less trodden paths. But I had to go a little slower this particular afternoon and take in the sights. Our local park is more open countryside than city park, it has cows grazing on it and is vast. It opens out into the countryside too, it's really rather special. But today it was full of buttercups, sweet little purpely flowers and super long grasses as far as the eye could see, the whole place just resembled a meadow, such a beautiful sight.

That's me for this week, but do check out my Wonderful Wednesday chums right here... SallyMichelleKateCatSamEleanorKerri and Lynsey and don't forget to join in yourself, there's a hashtag naturally! #WonderfulWednesday  (If you take part in these posts PLEASE let me know to include your link here too!)


  1. I can completely relate to being SO busy but not doing anything at all, I feel like I'm wasting my time whenever someone says 'so what you been up to!?' and I can't answer with anything exciting!

    I hope things calm down for you soon.

    Oh and saving a bee is a pretty heroic act I may add, go you! xx

    Lynsey || One More Slice

  2. Yaaay well done on saving the bee my lovely! :) xx
    Peta x


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