26 July 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 52

A Wonderful Wednesday to you! Here's this week's stuff that's making me smile...

13 July 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 51

It's that mid week time again so that must mean it is time for another Wonderful Wednesday...

Here's a little list of happy things that make me smile...

10 July 2017

Daydreaming and dog walks in Caldbeck

Sunday was a pleasant enough sort of day, Dad and I decided we wanted to take Kara dog somewhere for a little walk.

Kara can't really walk far now, she's getting on a bit you see. Plus also getting over pretty major surgery to remove lumps above her eye and on her head. These days she has to be lifted in and out of the car and is a little unsteady on her feet. But she still has boundless optimism and enthusiasm for everything. I think she'd attempt to take on Scafell Pike given the chance! hehe.

5 July 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 50

Those right there are allotment strawberries. Yup I grew them! Well I didn't actually, they grew themselves quite happily just growing away in their little corner with no help or interference from me. This allotmenting malarkey is fluke and good luck if you ask me. But look at them, they are strawberry coloured and strawberry shaped and they tasted pretty darn strawberry like too. Well isn't that just enough to put the biggest smile on your face?

But in case it wasn't enough here's some more of the good stuff keeping me sane of late: