26 July 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 52

A Wonderful Wednesday to you! Here's this week's stuff that's making me smile...

1. Crochet. I've finally picked up my hook again! It's been quite a while since I have sat and enjoyed crocheting. The last time I was doing any I was rushed, and had deadlines for things and wasn't really into the projects I was completing. But now I am making a brand new blanket for ME and its a super easy pattern, and I don't need to count and it works up really quickly.  It's bright and colourful and cheery and it's just fun to make. It doesn't take too much concentration either so I can watch YouTube videos whilst crocheting too. The header pic above is my new blanket, what do you think?

2. Walks with Peg. OK don't laugh, but Meg Mog and I go for strolls together in the back garden. It's our little routine now and we go every evening when I get home from work. She won't let me forget, she sits and relentlessly mews at the door until we go. The super cute thing is that she goes out on her little pink lead. It fastens round her neck and round her belly. She sits and let's me put her lead on and when we get in sits again nicely to let me take it off, she's seriously more dog than cat. She's so cute. I rather enjoy our little walks and its fun to see Meg outside and exploring. (She's usually an inside cat and no it's not cruel. She had an experience when little that has made her super super scared of the outside and every time we even try to open the garden gate she bolts back inside. This is enough for her for now, I know my cat.)

3. Days off. I have just had Friday, obviously the weekend and then Monday and Tuesday off work and it's been fab. I sort of made a to-do list of things for my days of (yes cos I'm that fun!) and I'm super pleased I ticked mostly everything. I enjoyed bike rides, got lots of painting done and I feel rested and chilled out. Work is a bit mental at the moment so these days off are much needed and much valued.

4. Tackling the big jobs. One of the big things I had on my days off to-do list was to tackle some painting jobs. First to put a white undercoat on the hallway, and tackle the scary bit over the stairs where you have to lean over the banister, yikes! Then a whole load of sanding (ugh the worst, WORST job ever) to get ready for all the gloss painting. I get a bit grumpy when jobs like this go left undone, but then it gets hard to motivate yourself to do them. I usually find those jobs you put off are never as bad as you think and I rather enjoyed my afternoons just painting away listening to audiobooks.

5. New jewelry. Treated myself a little bit. I go through phases with jewelry and sometimes I love to wear loads and other time none at all. I have quite a number of piercings in my ears now and love to swap my earrings and wear different combinations daily. I'm usually never without a necklace too. Now I seem to be branching out with rings. Bought a few, very inexpensive ones recently and I'm really enjoying wearing them. I love Etsy for unique rings, and only ever wear silver. Diamonds are NOT this girl's best friend, in fact I detest them! Simple, silver and a unique is more my style.

6. Davina McCall - Lessons I've Learned. I'm most of the way through this fab audio book and I am enjoying it so much! It's basically an autobiography but set out like a list of lessons. Davina narrates the audiobook too and her personality shines through it obviously. She has had an interesting life and really does have some fab words of wisdom. She just seems like a super duper lovely person and I can't even tell you the number of times listening along has brought tears to my eyes. DO check it out if you are a Davina fan, or even if you are not, it may just convert you.

7. Megan Ellaby. I have a new fave vlogger/blogger. You can find her channel here. She is unbelievably cool, also super super nice and fun too. I'm such a fan girl. She is more then 10 years younger than me and I just know my young self would just be mad in love with her style, its impeccable. Really quirky and fun and bright. How do young women just know how to dress nowadays? Gosh when I was her age I was still attempting to rock 'grunge' but mostly just looked badly scruffy and naff! haha.  Check her out though, she's my new total mad girl crush.

We are one big happy big bunch of Wonderful Wednesdayers now, do pop along to visit my pals here to see their happy lists:  SallyMichelleKateCatSamEleanorKerri and Lynsey and don't forget to join in yourself, there's a hashtag naturally! #WonderfulWednesday


  1. I really should start listening to audio books. I love a podcast, so I don't know why I don't download a book instead! Such a good idea.

    Good for your for treating yourself to a new ring! Sounds like you earned it ;)

    Lynsey || One More Slice

  2. An extra long weekend is always a thing to be celebrated, particularly when you feel like you've accomplished things too. Do share some photos of your new rings! C x


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