10 July 2017

Daydreaming and dog walks in Caldbeck

Sunday was a pleasant enough sort of day, Dad and I decided we wanted to take Kara dog somewhere for a little walk.

Kara can't really walk far now, she's getting on a bit you see. Plus also getting over pretty major surgery to remove lumps above her eye and on her head. These days she has to be lifted in and out of the car and is a little unsteady on her feet. But she still has boundless optimism and enthusiasm for everything. I think she'd attempt to take on Scafell Pike given the chance! hehe.

We wanted to go somewhere pretty, just for a gentle short walk, with lots of lovely smells for K, places for paddling and of course a quaint tearoom for us humans too!

Caldbeck is one of those super popular little 'honeypot' areas in Cumbria. Just on the fringes of the Lake District National Park (now with Unesco World Heritage Site status don't you know!) but a mere twenty mins drive up the road.

It is just a village, with a pub, a village shop, couple of tearooms and a few little craft shops. But the visitors come because well it is beautiful, as you shall see as you scroll.

There's a handy free car park awaiting you in the middle of the village. Then up the road a bit a little path takes you down beside the river.

Across an ancient stone bridge we continued our walk a little out of the village and through some fields. The walk continued on through a woodland area and climbed a little. With the signs pointing to the next village a couple of miles away we turned back and decided this was perhaps one for another day. So many pretty little footpaths to explore...

We stopped off on a bench and let Kara have a well earned sit. She did of course lie down and roll around like a crazy person in the grass too. Gosh, if only everyone could be as happy as a dog all the time!

You really cannot go anywhere near a stretch of water without somebody wanting a paddle. She was straight in there up to her tummy, no messing about. Her favourite thing in the whole world is to paddle and chase sticks in the water and we can't say no to that little face!

Next stop along the river is a little old watermill which has been turned into a collection of craft shops and a tearoom, bliss!

I had a little peek whilst Dad and the muddy, now dripping wet dog waited outside. Yes, yes, I did make a purchase or two... it's simply impossible to resist a craft shop. I purchased the sweetest little bowl (me and cute little handmade bowls have a thing ok) and a wooden star shaped Keyring with a carved 'J' on it. Got to support those local crafts people right?

We pootled on and walked down THE most instagrammable lane down the side of the stupidly picturesque church. I was lucky enough to come to a friend's wedding at this church, quite a few years ago now, so enjoyed reminiscing about that lovely day.

Ugh, check out this lane. I love a good lane! Doesn't it make you want to become a fashion blogger and leap and flounce about here posing in a multitude of floaty outfits? It's the perfect backdrop...

Couldn't stop snapping this lane...

Yep the lane has a secret door, no doubt to the secret garden, swooooon!

I know it's a little naughty but I simply cannot resist snapping people's houses. I mean come on, they are literally all chocolate box perfect. One day... one day....

We stopped at this point for a little bite to eat in a quaint little tearoom. I had the rather peculiar combination of a hot chocolate and a mint choc chip ice cream, cos well, why the heck not!

Now this little terrace of houses over the river is a quite famous site. There are a few houses here all brightly coloured and stupidly pretty. We did notice one for sale at an extortionately inflated price. Of course I did a little snooping on Right Move (tell me who doesn't do this!) But inside was a little disappointing, very twee and grannyish (and not in the good 'Cath K' way either).

The quaint little cottages even have their own bridge.

Like seriously.... ugh....

There's seemingly no shortage of pretty mill buildings and barns around here to convert into crazy pretty houses.

Look at that door...

A little riverside cottage complete with its own old watermill.

Now I have saved my favourite house for last. This one is a little rough round the edges, it has quite a bit of peely paint,  the garden is a little wild and the old iron fencing could do with some work. But yup, this one stole my heart....

One day Jo... one day.... until then I will continue to enjoy my daydreams....

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