5 July 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 50

Those right there are allotment strawberries. Yup I grew them! Well I didn't actually, they grew themselves quite happily just growing away in their little corner with no help or interference from me. This allotmenting malarkey is fluke and good luck if you ask me. But look at them, they are strawberry coloured and strawberry shaped and they tasted pretty darn strawberry like too. Well isn't that just enough to put the biggest smile on your face?

But in case it wasn't enough here's some more of the good stuff keeping me sane of late:

1. Being off work. Really what else needs to be said? I was off for a gloriously blissful 17 looooong days. It wizzed by at light speed but felt like I had been away forever all at the same time. I did nothing yet did loads. I sailed into work on Monday morning thoroughly relaxed. (That feeling lasted around 2 minutes when I saw my inbox, but we won't dwell on that!) My conclusion is that work is bad for your health people, just don't go.

2. New nail varnish. Think I have probably got every single nail varnish colour under the sun it is possible to have ever in my stash but you know I just couldn't find anything to wear recently... I love a shocking neon orange, a bright grass green etc. By far and away my fave brand is W7, quite hard to come by but as cheap as chips and really good. Their colour range is incredible and it's good stuff, lasts, dries instantly and is bright bright. I paid my local beauty outlet a visit last week to stock up, that place is my heaven... its a big shop and there is literally a WALL of nail varnish, like the FULL dam wall. It gets me a bit giddy it does.

Here's my 'haul'... 8 new bottles isn't excessively excessive is it?

3. The woods. I have found my true happy place. I've never really had one before. There's a bunch of places I love to visit and always make me smile but never a true happy place that restores me and where I can just think of to make me smile. Our woods is now that place. We made a fleeting visit recently and it worked wonders it really did. It always seems to be sunny in the woods (I've never actually visited when it's been raining) and leaving is SO so hard. That little place of ours is magic.

4. Silence. I have come to realise there is noise in my life constantly. Which is, I'm sure true of everyone who lives in a city. I walk to work with music on my headphones or an audiobook. I endure (ugh MAJOR ugh) the horrific sounds of Radio 2 all dam day at work (not through choice and it drives me mad) and then at home the TV is always on, like always and loud (not me, him!). But I had a few days to myself to do as I like recently and I switched it ALL off. No sound all day long and it was fab.  Sound seems to affect me greatly (I'm a highly sensitive type, woe is me, poor little snowflake!) and now I'm old I just need my silence. SHUT up world SHUT up!

5. Kara dog. I spent quite a bit of time with my old favourite girl recently and its just the best. Kara is my favourite dog, well the only dog I've ever really got to know personally. I was terrified of dogs before Kara, she fixed me. I'm dog MAD these days, one can't walk past me without an enthusiastic stroke and a friendly 'hello' - I presume they have owners but I wouldn't notice! Our old girl isn't too well these days and has had yet another nasty operation to remove scary cancer lumps. She's 14 and I know she won't be with us forever (tr la la la la la don't think about it la la la laaaaa) so for now I will hang out with her as often as possible, chase her round the house like a crazy person, bring her endless toys she chews to bits in seconds and treat her to ALL the yummy things.

6. Affirmations. Yup I'm THAT person. Yes indeed I AM that person, that there my friends, is an affirmation and I am the type of person that sets these and believes them (or I am trying to be).  I am constantly scrutinising myself,  and I am SO hard on myself all the time. Well this has to dam well stop. I have changed that big long list that swirls round in my head of things I dislike about myself into positive affirmations. I have them on my phone in a big long list  I stare at this list daily, a few times daily and you know what it really helps and keeps me on track with what I want to be and achieve. We all got to fake it until we make it riiiiiight! Give it a go.

We are one big happy big bunch of Wonderful Wednesdayers now, do pop along to visit my pals here to see their happy lists:  SallyMichelleKateCatSamEleanorKerri and Lynsey and don't forget to join in yourself, there's a hashtag naturally! #WonderfulWednesday 


  1. I love this list. Yes to affirmations and silence. I love a sing song in the car - but every now and again I just turn it all off and listen to the hum of the engine - driving is stressful enough as it is! Helen xx

  2. Happy 50th Wonderful Wednesday! I think that is an achievement worthy in itself, alongside those strawberries! I am very jealous of 17 days off of work, that sounds heavenly!

    I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week! xx

    Lynsey || One More Slice


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