13 July 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 51

It's that mid week time again so that must mean it is time for another Wonderful Wednesday...

Here's a little list of happy things that make me smile...

1. Picking peas. We planted quite a lot of peas at our allotment.  The plants grew huge and thick and fast, all curled round each other and their supportive sticks. We were a little overwhelmed! Then the flowers came, covered they were, then the flowers turned into skinny empty pods then finally the peas came. Huge, round and juicy, practically ready to burst out. There are SO many pea pods on our plants, I fear we will be still getting through them until Christmas. But there is nothing quite like the taste of sweet juicy peas straight from the pod picked straight from our homegrown plants.

2. Pretty houses. You may have seen my other post this week... but we paid a visit to a stupidly pretty little village at the weekend. This village is well known for its incredibly perfect chocolate box cottages. Spending time wandering, staring at these beautiful buildings is so much fun. Daydreaming away and plotting my imaginary Pinterest boards for the interior design concepts for each room of my dream cottage home... sigh....

3. Cleaning. I'm a bit boring and old but I really rather like cleaning. I felt a little restless and frustrated on Sunday for no particular reason. I knew the only thing for it was to give the house a right good seeing to. Motivating oneself to get up off one's arse to do it in the first place is tough but once I'm in the middle of the weekly cleaning I can't stop and don't stop. I kind of like the process, I have my routine I work through, it clears my head, its therapeutic. Washing away all the dirt and tidying all the mess washes and tidies my brain too. Its the best thing being snuggled up in my PJs of a Sunday evening knowing my house is fresh and clean and all my weekly chores are over with.

4. A happy outfit. You know that one outfit you have that you just want to wear all the time, that makes you feel really good? Well actually I have a pact with myself that if I don't feel good in any outfit I don't wear it. I've always been my own judge. I really couldn't be bothered at all with what other people think and I don't care for compliments. The only person I please with my clothes is me and its important that I feel 'right' before I go out the door. But I've recently found an outfit I feel super nice in, it's really nothing special either. But you know it makes me feel good and really that's all that counts.

5. New skincare. I've been making an attempt to change up my skincare. Look at reducing the amount of lotions and potions I pour on myself, save a little money, think a little more ethically but at the same time do something better for my skin. A lot to ask right? Well I've been trying a few new products and it's making me smile. I've been sticking to a proper routine and actually taking my make up off properly each and every night. I (think) I'm seeing positive results from it all too.

6. Lunchtime walks. My bestest chum Anna and I have been popping out for lunchtime walks, we've been on a few recently and its the best way to spend our lunchtimes. We don't go very far, but its soooo nice to get out in the fresh air and clear your head from all the work stresses. Plus we just chat and chat and chat about nothing in particular. I wish I could go for a lunchtime walk every day.

We are one big happy big bunch of Wonderful Wednesdayers now, do pop along to visit my pals here to see their happy lists:  SallyMichelleKateCatSamEleanorKerri and Lynsey and don't forget to join in yourself, there's a hashtag naturally! #WonderfulWednesday


  1. Oh what a lovely little round up! I love peas from the garden and I too find great enjoyment from cleaning. There's nothing quite like a good, simple skin care routine. I also find spending 10 minutes on taking care of my skin really calms me.
    Have a lovely week!
    Peta x


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