29 August 2017

Bank Holiday Camping in Borrowdale

This weekend we went camping, it was super! We decided a couple of weeks ago that we hadn't been camping in a good while and we should go. The weather of course has been pretty pants lately up here in Cumbria and you really are just tempting fate going on the August Bank Holiday weekend.   Sod the weather though, we said. If you wait for good weather up here you will never do anything or go anywhere. So we stuck to our plans, and I'm very glad we did.

We camped at an old favourite site, Hollow's Farm in Grange, Borrowdale. It's very basic and hasn't got any fancy facilities but it can probably win a few awards for location and prettiness though.

We jumped in the car after work on Friday evening and we were in Borrowdale by 7pm. We set up camp in the drizzly rain then enjoyed a few snacks and beers before cosying up in the tent for the night. It rained over night, a lot! But the tent held up and nothing was soggy in the morning, hurrah!

Here's Mark getting the stove ready for our brekkie.

yummy porridge for breakfast, eaten with a spork naturally. It is illegal to eat a camping meal with any other utensil.

After a leisurely morning getting up and eating, we got ready and set of for the day's walking. Here's our happy smiley camping faces.

Our first leg of the walk was from Grange to Rosthwaite along the river path. I've blogged this path numerous times, it is a very very favourite walk indeed, its very beautiful.

We greeted the locals on arrival in the teeny tiny village of Rosthwaite, good morning Mrs Cow.

Then of course we popped to the tearoom to sample their scones. Oh dear lord! This cherry and almond scone was one of THE nicest things I have ever put in my mouth, yum!

A little Robin pal came to politely ask for some scone crumbs too.

Our walk continued from Rosthwaite up the road to Stonethwaite in the Langstrath Valley. We walked past a favourite little place to stay, Tilly's Barn.

Why thank you kind sir...

On from Tilly's Barn the landscape gets more rugged as you head up the valley.

Our destination was Black Moss Pot. We were DETERMINED to go for a dip... we packed big rucksacks full of towels and extra clothes. When we got there we had the place all to ourselves, perfect just perfect.

However about 2 minutes later more people descended, then more people, and more people... Mark was super brave though and went for it.... Judging by his reaction and pained look on his face I suspect it was a little cold. haha!

Yes I chickened out this time, but I did swim here a couple of years ago, it was a stupidly hot day that day though which obviously makes all the difference!

We spotted this little guy back along the path. We moved him to a safer location up the bank, we didn't want him to get squished by heavy boots.

The path back goes past the Langstrath County Inn, a lovely little pub. So naturally we stopped for some nice cold ciders. It was funny watching everyone pass this place I think everyone followed us and stopped in for a tipple.

We also ate THE biggest bowls of chips in the world!

Then back up the path from Stonethwaite to Rosthwaite.

We found these crazy purple guys along the path. What! HOW are they purple, these have got to be the 'magic' variety right?

As much as I LOVE camping I wouldn't say no to stopping at this country house hotel (just seen in background) on our next visit to the area, swoon!

After a long day's walk, probably somewhere near 10 miles (I forgot my Fitbit, FAIL!!) we were pooped, so pretty much just crashed in the tent for an afternoon nap.

The next day we got up, got ready, packed the tent up and said farewell to Hollow's Farm, we will see you again, probably next year!

We popped to Keswick on the way home, here's us posing at Castle Head, THE best view of  Derwentwater, for one last mini break selfie before the drive home.


  1. What a lovely time you guys had. And purple mushrooms, they look magical! I wonder what type they are.

    The OH and I havne't been camping since last year and I miss it so much, we really must go again sometime.

  2. Lovely blog, we crazily took the kids on their first wild camping trip about 500 yards up stream from Black Moss Pot just underneath Cam Crag(we were heading to the Secret Cave but then they got scared and didn't want to stay in it). It was a very drizzly Monday morning so it looks like you get better weather.


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