2 August 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 53

Here's my little list of stuff that's keeping the smile on my face this week:

1. New tattoo. Yup, currently a rather scabby, itchy, peely new tattoo resides on my inner forearm. I'm chuffed with it, it's very colourful and bright. I often treat myself to something for my birthday you know, a new 'do', a piercing or two (just me then!? lol) and this year I decided it would be a tattoo. But it's not my birthday for a good number of weeks yet. Tattoo artists seem to be booked solid always so I emailed the lady I wanted to do mine to enquire about a birthday appointment and she said 'can you come in on Saturday?' YIKES! I thought I would have a little longer to mull it over you know. But SOD it, what the hell... I love my tattoo and I'm pleased I just jumped in and went for it. It's making me smile whenever I look at it.

2. A local art exhibition. Mark and I popped to a local art exhibition at the weekend (after our tattoos) and it was so super nice. It was all local artists, either acrylic, watercolours or oils. Mostly local scenes etc. I love paintings of places I recognise and there were some really fantastic works. It made me all inspired to attempt to get my brushes out again.

3. Small changes. They do say 'a change is as good as a rest' and I totally believe in this. We had a little office re-location (just to next door actually) and I think it is going to do me the world of good. It seems super trivial, but I must spend more time at that desk than I do at home and my surroundings are important to me. But the move feels right and nice, and I feel the room has a nice 'vibe' than my previous one. I've enjoyed setting out a new desk layout with my pen pot and in trays and sorting out my desk drawers. hehe.

4. Rain. Poor rain, it gets such negative press. Well I really rather like the rain. It's been raining a LOT up here recently, just on and off and on again several times a day. We've also seen some epic, impressive showers. I love hearing the poring rain on the roof and on the windows when you are cosy inside, watching the rivers run down the pavements and the large drops seemingly bouncing off the concrete. I purposefully choose to go for walks in the rain. Hood up, contact lenses in (any glasses wearer will know why!) it really doesn't matter what you look like or what you are wearing, you won't melt! Plus there's nobody else about so you have everywhere to yourself in the rain. Also running in the pouring rain is THE best thing in the entire world!

5. Catching up with friends. I seem to go stages where it seems like forever when I catch up with people and then stages of seeing loads of people at once. I enjoyed a lovely evening catching up with a bestest friend and her cute as a button baby daughter the end of last week. Tonight I have plans to meet some lovely friends I used to work with for dinner, so super excited for girly gossip and laughter. Then on Saturday I am off to meet up with another bestest friend who I haven't seen in forever in Edinburgh, where she has just moved. HOW fun is that?

6. Running encouragement. Yep, I think I did mention that running would be mentioned here a few times. I'm still at it. Don't seem to be improving much, but I'm still at it. I'm in a running group at work now and it's super fun to feel part of something. Also everyone is stupidly nice and super super encouraging, it really helps me to believe in myself and think that I can do it. I love running, I love it once you get past the 'hurting' stage and you feel like you can run forever. I love the feeling of accomplishment after a longer run or completing the next stage on a training plan. I also kind of love the stiff legs the next day, proving that you put in some effort. If you've never tried running properly, just do it, go out tonight, you will never regret a run!

We are one big happy big bunch of Wonderful Wednesdayers now, do pop along to visit my pals here to see their happy lists:  SallyMichelleKateCatSamEleanorKerri and Lynsey and don't forget to join in yourself, there's a hashtag naturally! #WonderfulWednesday


  1. Oo I wanna see your new tat!

    I haven't heard that saying before but I like it. A change of scenery is good, it's like you can just start afresh x

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Eleanor. I may show of the tattoo another time, we shall see. x

  2. I second Elanor I want to see your new tattoo too! (ha, tattoo too made me laugh).

    Good on you for sticking to the running. I need encouragement, if I did it on my own I'd be in a heap on the floor in two minutes flat! xx

    Lynsey || One More Slice

    1. Thanks so much for your comment. I will think about showing off the tattoo soon... x


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