16 August 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 54

Oh dear, failed last week. I totally had my little list and had an image sorted and everything but just didn't get round to it for whatever reason. I think I do recall it being one of 'those' days, you know the kind, where a large family bar of chocolate is picked up from the shop on the way home. Moan and groan, they seem to be quite frequent recently (although not all resulting in quite so much chocolate I will add!)

I'm trying to be organised this week and on top of myself, so I am typing this on Tuesday lunchtime, as I am off to Lancaster and then Ambleside for a few days for work from tomorrow and I think if I don't get it done now I will very likely just forget again...

But always in amongst the busyness there are always the wonderful things... these are from the last couple of weeks...

1. A James day

This little buddy came to visit at the weekend! He arrived on Saturday night and stayed most of Sunday too. We had lots of fun, playing at the park, eating rocket ice lollies and endless games of Power Rangers and Batman Vs Transformer. He's such a fun little bundle of energy, I just love hanging out with him.

2. A family birthday meal. It is my other nephew, Corey's 4th birthday this week so we all went out for tea to celebrate. It was the best fun! I think it's always more fun for aunties rather than mummys and daddys, I just get to be silly and play, and encourage the little ones to be silly and play, and encourage a little naughtiness too (shhhh!), and the best bit is I don't get have to deal with the consequences! hehe.

3. The Dalston Show. 

Mark and I started a new little tradition last year of walking to the Dalson Show, a local agricultural show in the village where he works. The walk is 4 miles there, 4 miles back (obv!) but its along a lovely path by the river, a very favourite route. The show itself is much like most agricultural shows, lots of huge cows, perfectly groomed sheep, yummy food, prize vegetables, ice creams, and craft displays. I do enjoy these traditional country shows.

4. Edinburgh. Wow this feels like forever ago now, but I recently paid a visit to one of my bestest friends who now lives in Edinburgh (not jealous at all! ha.) We had a lovely day catching up and getting in amongst the crowds and atmosphere on the busy Saturday 'festival season' packed out streets. We enjoyed some yummy food, popped in more than a few little cool independent shops along the Royal Mile and had a thoroughly lovely day. Thanks for having me Ails.

5. Game of thrones. Are you watching, are you watching??? (spoiler alert!!) HOW exciting is this season though. I have a huge grin on my face when watching all the characters finally meeting up. Jon and Sansa, then Arya, even weird Bran coming home. But the best bit of course Dany meeting Jon, squeeeal! Oh if them two don't at least kiss I will be super unhappy! hehe.

6. Getting ready for Autumn. Well I don't know about you, but it's pretty much autumn in my head. The thick 100 deniers have been on several times, I've been adding a few more layers to my usual outfits. I've been pouring over endless shopping sites for this years boots and coat (THE most exciting things to shop for right?) I'm most certainly noticing the darker mornings on those early runs now and the weather well, the weather is certainly ready for Autumn. Autumn is 100% MY month, an Autumn baby through and through. I love it all, bring it on...

That's it folks, well that's all my weary brain can come up with for now...

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  1. Oh what a lovely list Jo! :) I'm looking forward to shopping for boots and coats too, although I think I own far too many coats if I'm honest! It sounds like you've had a lovely week and your walk to the show must have been great.
    Peta x

  2. SUCH a lovely list Jo! Missed you last week! But life can and does get in the way - i often end up typing my post out in my pyjamas all bleary-eyed!

    I say every blooming YEAR that we'l get to Dalston show and i still never have - i too love these kinds of shows, nice to just mooch about! And a lovely idea to wander there, esp as the walk to Dalston is so pretty.

    Hoping you have a lovely rest of week!
    Sal xxxx

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Sally. You MUST go to the show next year, it's really fun! Put it in your diary now. x

  3. We are watching GoT! This season is really epic! Although, I must admit, I find Bran to be oh so boring and couldn't care less about his storyline. I'm there for the dragons though.

    1. Oh my GOT is getting intense isn't it. I agree Bran is a bore... let's ho he does something useful soon! x

  4. I'm so ready for Autumn too. I've got my eye on a bottle green trench coat and am still scouring the internet for the perfect pair of mid-calf length boots. I'm also researching a wintry trip to Berlin which is upping my cold weather vibes no end.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment. Oooh bottle green trench sounds fabulous! THE perfect coat to wear in Berlin, fab! x

  5. HOLY MOLY THAT COW IS HUGE. You are so committed to walk four miles there and then back again!

    GAH. GAME OF THRONES. Isn't it just AMAZING?! Every episode has been so good. I was cheeky and watched the leaked episode 6 - if you haven't seen it yet you are in for a treat! xx

    1. OH M GEE GOT this week, yup! You were SO right was a treat! How is it all going to end??? so exciting! Thee walk to the show was all part of it, we could have driven or got the bus or even a train but you know, its starting to be our little fun tradition now, it's a super walk so worth it. x


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