23 August 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 55

Well hello there Wednesday gang! Welcome to another wonderful week.  I won't lie the last week hasn't been super wonderful for me. This time of year is pretty full for universities and I was away from home working hard at other campuses this week. I worked 7 full loooong days in fact.  But I still manged to squeeze some happy bits in... shall we....

1. Ambleside. So I was in Lancaster most of last week. I don't have a lot of feeling for Lancaster, it's just a bit well, meh! I was staying in student halls. I was a little grumpy and fed up. But on Saturday night I travelled to Ambleside and as soon as I stepped off the bus I was instantly uplifted. Love this little place. What was super good about Ambleside was where I was staying... brand spanking new student halls. Yep, student halls aren't usually something to rave about but these, let me tell you, are different. I was ready to throw it all in and become a student again.

2. Meg snuggles. It's always nice to get a good welcome home isn't it and I can always rely on Meggy Mog to provide the lovely snuggles. I'm pretty sure she missed me as she didn't really leave my side the past few days and took up every opportunity to snuggle up on me. She loves me to lift her up on my chest and she purrs and purrs away, paddles me and yep, she drools, little droplets of cat drool (the wettest substance known to man! haha) it's maybe gross to some, but I know it means she's contented and happy so I think its kinda cute.

3. My own bed. Well yup, this one needs no explanation... after a few days away, especially looong work day when you didn't really even want to be away in the first place. Climbing into your own super cosy, familiar bed is just THE best feeling, ahhhh.

4. Weekdays off. So when you work weekends you get weekdays off, wuhu. I would never go back to a rota system job and I love my M-F 9-5. But sometimes, quite rarely I get to have the odd weekday off. I love the quiet on the street, I love the relative quiet in the supermarkets. I LOVE the house to myself and the peace. I did nothing much at all with my two weekdays off on Monday and Tuesday, the housework, the shopping... but I did so enjoy them.

5. Parsnips. So ages and ages and ages ago we planted parsnips in the allotment. Then the allotment got a little neglected for a few weeks and the weeds moved in. Having never grown parsnips before the poor little seedlings go mostly ripped out and mistaken for weeds. I wasn't sure any made it... but Mark came home from the allotment on Sunday with 4 fantastic parsnips! I was delighted! We roasted them up, along with some allotment onions, carrots and spuds for Sunday tea, delicious.

6. Freshly painted nails. I religiously paint my nails every single week. Cut them down as short as they will go, file them nicely and paint them a crazy colour or two. I've been painting my nails since I was a teen, you will never ever see me with bare nails. I detest long nails, like they make me a little queasy. Thy also feel awful. As soon as the white bits begin to show I need to trim them off. With being away I was a little later than usual with my weekly nail routine and they were driving me mad. I enjoy sitting down and doing my nails, taking time to make them look nice and giving myself a little manicure.I adore freshly done and painted nails, makes me happy to look down at pretty hands.

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  1. I hear you with the nails. I haven't had bare nails since my teens either but you wouldn't like mine, they're long enough that people often ask me whether they're real, or assume I don't do any housework (to be fair, they'd be half right with that one!) because they're quite strong and rarely break.

  2. Oh Jo what a lovely Wonderful Wednesday, I hope you've been able to rest up a little after such a mammoth week buzzing here there and everywhere! Cat drool is cute, I have to admit. Tina drools so much it is insane. I love freshly painted nails, but mine stay unchipped for about two hours which is why I rarely paint them!
    Wishing you a lovely rest of the week.
    Peta x

  3. Hope you are taking care of yourself in amongst all the crazy work time!

    WOW. They must have been some spanking new student halls for you to want to become a student again. I hated my halls with an absolute passion :L

    Weekdays off are a magical thing, everywhere is so quiet and I find I am far more productive.

    Enjoy the weekend xx

  4. I know exactly what you mean, there's something so special about coming home to your own bed again - it almost makes being away worth it, almost! It's also a really great feeling being off during the week when most people are at work, it feels extra special :) Hope you're having a lovely bank holiday weekend x

  5. I would much rather work over the weekends and have weekdays off. I much prefer to go about things during the quiet of the week. And you know, someone has to be around so those weekday people can be employed!

    Sounds like you're keeping busy with plenty of work, but hopefully it'll ease off soon!


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