30 August 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 56

Ah, well a bank holiday weekend always makes you feel fabulous! I in fact had a half day on Friday and then enjoyed a good 3 days off work, bliss. Loads of good things to smile about of late...

1. Camping. Yup, you may have seen my previous post earlier in the week, here but we went camping, hurrah! To one of our very fave spots and honestly it was just the best fun. I love love love camping. I love the idea you can just pitch up anywhere. I honestly find tents really cosy and never sleep that badly really. Even though we were only away for two nights and less than an hour from home it really felt like a holiday.

2. Long walks. Along with the camping we did lots of walking, around 10 miles I think. The sky was not bright blue and it wasn't super warm, it drizzled a little but you know what we didn't melt! Shock horror! My favourite types of walks are flat walks, I won't lie. I will go up a mountain sometimes but gentle river walks with spectacular scenery do something really rather magical to your usually stressed out mind, ahhhh.

3. Bike rides on my own. I bloody love a good long bike ride, but yet I don't go nearly as much as I should. The nights are kind of drawing in now so I am limiting my biking time, so need to make the most of it. I hopped on my bike on Monday and did a lovely 18 miles out into the countryside just north of Carlisle all on my own. Its the route I always always go on, and I have the same little sections to wizz down with no brakes, or try my very hardest to go uphill on the highest gear possible. Then there are the sections that I compete with myself to achieve record timings. There is nothing as much fun as a bike.

4. A different pair of glasses. Had my eyes tested recently, a regular thing, as I'm pretty short sighted and wear glasses or lenses every day. I always go to Specsavers (love them). I always get a little bit excited about the prospect of new glasses, can never afford them, never need them but still usually end up getting them! haha. I however resisted this time as I casually thought back to my 'junk' drawer at home where I have 2 fresh pairs of glasses that I hardly ever wear. It appears I'm a creature of habit, I get new ones but then stick to the old ones anyway. But this week I am sporting some clear pastel pink numbers and I really rather like them. Lots of people have noticed, and I think they make a huge difference to my overall appearance, kinda like them, they are very 80s secretary! haha.

5. The supermarket. This makes me sound very sad indeed but I actually really rather enjoy a trip to the supermarket. I don't often go to a large supermarket for the weekly shop. Because I can't  choose not to drive, I mostly get my shopping delivered from Asda (like THE best invention ever right?) but occasionally if Mark is going to Sainsburys in the car I will also tag along and do my weekly shop there too. Always spend WAY more that I normally would online of course. But I love a browse... the clothes are usually good, then the homewares, sigh... I visit each and every aisle just wandering slowly picking up little foodie treats. I do secretly love supermarkets, not just me surely?

6. New hair. I had my hair cut and coloured on Friday. I skipped to the salon after lunch and enjoyed my half day off staring at myself in the mirror making small talk with strangers. I don't love the salon experience but I love the finished 'do'. I got a few inches lopped off and some more blonde put through. Think I am gradually getting blonder every year. I write this on here every time I get my hair done but honestly a new hair cut just makes everything better.

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  1. Aww Jo what a lovely list of happy! I must say I don't enjoy the hairdressers very much but love the end result and oh my goodness I share your love of supermarkets! Living in Barcelona means that every time I go back to the UK I am in awe and will go down every single aisle marvelling at all of the products. Friends and family think I'm nuts!
    Wishing you a lovely rest of the week
    Peta x

  2. New hair and new glasses !! Will I recognise you ????

  3. Youre such an outdoorsie adventure type and I really envy that as I am not even in the slightest. Something I really do want to improve on.

    Don't worry, its not just you I love a supermarket shop too! I always stroll down the homeware isle as well, you never know what bargain you may find! xx

    Lynsey || One More Slice

  4. Haha I definitely enjoy a good supermarket trip! Especially when it's a big restock of the cupboards / freezer. I definitely need to get back out on my bike more! x

  5. The more times I go camping, the better I sleep. I think the last time we slept like the dead, but we'd also cycled 60km as well so that helped haha.

    I would say, just you haha! I loathe the supermarket. But then again, I have to go each week for my shopping. If and when they invent online shopping here in Belgium, I might start enjoying the supermarket again.


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