8 September 2017

Wild bramble crumble

Mark and I popped to OUR woods at the weekend and we were greeted by the glorious sight of ripe black, shiny, brambles all the way down the road.

So naturally we picked as many as we could and what else do you do with brambles, but crumble of course...

I took along Mark' big fancy camera and played with the macro lens. I LOVE love love a marco lens. I took most of the photos on my iPhone also and the difference in quality is amazing! I love my iPhone and I'm always so pleased with the photos, but compared to the colour and light on these un-edited ones, I think I need to get myself a 'proper' camera!

So what do you know them as? Blackberries, or brambles? I think this is probably a controversial topic, hehe! But I'm northern so they will always be brambles to me.

So the entire woods is covered with bramble bushes, thick tangley, spikey branches that grab at you and trip you up as you walk through.  I was sure the whole place would be full of the fruit. We did our usual lap round the perimeter of the land and we were a little disappointed to see that the majority of the larger patches were a little too shaded and the fruit was really small and still green.

So back we plodded up the road with our 3 rather large, over optimistic plastic boxes to collect the fruit we first found. But the bushes up by the road provided more than enough for a good sized crumble.

How autumny are these shots though? Makes me so excited for cooler weather, and thick tights, and duffel coats, and woolly jumpers and all the cosy things...

A pretty good haul of brambles there!

So back home I set about creating my bramble crumble.  I didn't follow a recipe, crumble is the easiest thing to make ever, even for a very poor cook like me.

I gave our wild woodland brambles a thoroughly good wash and rinse to start with and then dumped them in a pan with a few heaped teaspoons of sugar. I wanted them to go a little mushy first.

Then I weighted out around 120g each of flour and butter and mixed these with my hands to form the crumble.  I then heaped in yet some more sugar and a load of cinnamon.

The bramble mush then went into an ovenproof dish and I spooned the crumble mixture onto the top. Lastly yet more sugar sprinkled over the top.

The smell that filled the house was delicious... yuuuuuumy, look at it, simply Autumn in a dish that is!

I naturally served it with big scoops of Cornish vanilla ice cream, delicious!


  1. YUMMM xx❤️❤️😊😊

  2. I haven't made a crumble in AGES. Next on my to bake list is flapjacks! I think I might do that today


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