13 September 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 58

Hey ho, so this week I have mostly been setting my alarm clock for 5.30 am for the morning run, looking outside into the dark torrential rain, then leaping back into bed for another hour's sleep, ugh. I do enjoy a crisp cold run, but my its difficult to kick your butt out the door...

But also this week, all this other wonderful stuff...

1. Taylor Swift new song. No not that awful 'look what you made me do' or whatever its called, the other one '...Ready For it?' it's SO good, it's probably not as good as 'Shake if off' (I adore that song always my request for the DJ) But I cannot stop listening to it, I have it on my headphones on Spotify as I walk to work in the mornings, I just keep playing it on a loop.  Anyone else do that when they like a song? Perhaps I need to broaden my musical repertoire a little... haha. Everybody now... 'in the middle of the night.... ...'

2. Warmer clothes. Yes yes YES! I like wearing clothes, the more clothes the better. Autumn and winter are my seasons, you get to wear clothes, full coverage clothes from head to toe. Thick, dark, snuggly, woolly, yes! No skin on show what so ever...The shops are full of knits, scarves, boots, tights, coats and all the dreamy things. I have wish lists here there and everywhere of all the stuff I 'need'! (which I will never buy because I'm trying to be good and not splurge, yawn!). I'm so happy to be wearing snuggly jumpers to work though.

3. Jeffree Star. I've got a new Youtuber to watch! Check him out here. He's an acquired taste I guess, but I'm obsessed (which is SUCH a Jeffree thing to say, lol!) I cannot stop watching his videos. Also his boyf is HOT, sigh... I have been aware of him for ages, but was never really a fan, but I've just discovered he has a Youtube channel this week and I've been going back though loads of old vids. I think he is cool and fun anyway.

4. Little Autumn decorations. I'm a child, a 37 (nearly) year old child, I will always be a child. I don't care. As I've said a million times Autumn is my thing, and I adore acorns and oak trees, I have endless jewelry with oak leaves and acorns on, heck I have an oak leaf permanently inked into my skin!  So as soon as I saw these insanely cute little faces peaking at me on my instagram feed I NEEDED them, no question.  Don't really know what to do with them now I have them.... but whatever... soooo sweet. They are the work of the amazing Clouds and Pineapples.

5. Porridge. Ok yep I realise this was on last week's list but it's back here again, I am now full on OBSESSED! I find myself at weekends eating porridge for not only breakfast but for lunch too. I am contemplating bringing it into work now. It's ALL I want to eat. I'm super close to just having porridge for tea as well, so many times I walk through the door and all I want is a bowl or porridge. What has happened to me... also, I guess I could do with some new porridge ideas, what are THE brands, types, flavours, toppings to try? I'm going pretty sweet and plain at the moment with a large sprinkling of cinnamon.

6. Halloween. AAAAAArgh! OMG! Halloween is starting to pop up in the shops, M&S (THE place for all 'holiday' confectionery) have some bits out, and I keep seeing listings everywhere for Halloween events. I love that each year in the UK this seems to get bigger and bigger. I've loved Halloween since I was little, and the gothy 'greebo' kid in me will always adore dressing up as a witch etc. This year I'm going crazy, we have just booked onto a spooky evening at only frigging Beamish museum! No way, I'm beyond excited...

7. Goodreads. I love reading, I always think of myself as a 'bookworm' and somebody who loves to read, except I don't! haha. I used to read endlessly, I used to get so engrossed in a book when I lived in London (and therefore obviously had hours of commuting time), I would miss my tube stops and end up in goodness knows where... These days I have a stack of beautiful books I'm dying to read but I never get round to it. Youtube has taken over my life. The moment I sit down to read, my eyes get heavy and I just fall asleep. But I'm trying... I listen to a lot of audiobooks now too. I love to combine things, so if I can read and walk to work all the better. But I want to know the good stuff to read... so a lovely friend suggested Goodreads.... I'm enjoying making lists and getting recommendations. Come and say hi, and recommend me all the books...

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  1. Ooooh Jo what a lovely wonderful wednesday post!! I'm so looking forward to wrapping up warm, it's still a little hot for it here unfortunately. Those Autumn ornaments are gorgeous!! I too always think of myself as a big reader...but ermmmm... yeah, probs not for about 5 years!
    I hope you have a lovely rest of the week.
    Peta xx

  2. I love that I got my knitwear out this past weekend, layers make me so happy! Glad to know I'm not the only one :)

    I have yet to pick up some autumn decorations but I am definitely tempted after seeing those cute acorns!

    Have a fab week!

    Paper & Lilacs

  3. I like the sound of morning runs but in reality I'm not a morning person. I prefer to go for my runs at around 11am, once I've got a few bits done and before I have lunch. It's always quiet out at that time. If I do manage to go in the morning, it's at about 8am, but then all the kids are heading to school and it's a bit busy out.

    I'll decide tomorrow how much morning I want to make my morning run haha!

    Ah, I love goodreads, not so much for the social aspect but just to keep track of my books for myself, I have a private account that I use that's just for me but I still love it.


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