27 September 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 59

Missed last week, somehow Wednesday flew in and flew out again before I could even notice, in fact the entire week did...

So here is a little list of lovely, happy wonderful things of late...

1. Autumn outfit planning. Well I'm fully embracing it now. I'm working my way through ALL my jumpers and cardigans in my wardrobe. It's so nice to re-visit all my old faves, it's like all of a sudden my wardrobe has expanded. I have invested a little in a few new bits and bobs here and there too and been lucky to get some clothes for my birthday as well. Autumn/winter is by far the best time for clothes... I'm getting SO carried away with all my online wishlists...

2. A letter from a friend. Work seems to be one big stress currently, and I've been feeling more than a bit overwhelmed. One particular day last week when I was ready to run away and hibernate I received THE loveliest handwritten letter from my friend. It seriously made my entire week! She had the letter delivered to work, as we used to work together. She left earlier in the summer to take up exciting adventures in London and I've been missing her a lot. It was just fabulous to get her letter, it's like she knew the exact moment when I needed it the most.

4. James and Auntie Jo days. I was in Newcastle from Sunday to Tuesday this week babysitting for my littlest nephew James. He is 3 this weekend (so excited for the party!!). What a bundle of energy that boy is! I'm exhausted but I had SO much fun! I'm the green power ranger and James is the red power ranger (obviously) and we cleared the house of 'bad guys' numerous times with our guns and foam swords! What a good team we make! Go Go Power Rangers!!!

5. Birthday. Yup, it might have been my birthday at the end of last week. Obviously birthdays are always good. I don't like a lot of fuss, and I detest being centre of attention etc, but presents are always nice aren't they. I was super lucky and got some lovely things, beautiful candles, lovely Cath Kidston smellies, the cosiest, cutest PJs, beautiful new jumper, the cutest little Lama notebooks handpicked by my nephew Corey, a fab book about a dress exhibition at Chatsworth and my sis started me off with my bullet journal complete with the fancy pens and sticky tabs. My loveliest friend got me a fab green necklace, an itty bitty cutest acorn fimo stitch marker (whaaat, mega cute!) and sweet little animal sticky notes! I took the day off work on Friday and met my mummy, we had a fabulous day out at a nearby shopping/outlet centre.

6. A day out with Dad and K. I was treated to another wonderful day out on Saturday with my dad and Kara dog. We visited a very favourite place of ours, the South Tynedale Railway. It's a little narrow gauge tourist railway. It's a beautiful place and we love walking along the length of the track and hopping on the train. The line has just been extended there and they have a new station and new signal box, we were very excited to see it. Little old Kara dog is too old for the full walk now, but she did so well and walked a good couple of miles. I love hanging out with these two.

7. Surprise painting. Got back last night after my babysitting trip and walked through the door to be greeted by the loveliest sight... our hallway and landing is now bright blue! I've lived with Mark for over a year and a half now and the whole time the hallway was 'getting done'. Well it's been in rather a stalled stage for a good while. Bare white undercoated walls, no carpet and scabby paintwork. It just seems like THE biggest job ever so kind of gets overlooked. But Mark has made a huge start... the walls are so cheery and happy now. I'm excited for carpet and fresh glossed paintwork next. Wuhu!

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  1. Ah, what a lovely surprise to find your new blue hallway - sounds likes a good 'un, your bloke. I'm mostly excited for pay day today and the subsequent charity shop trawl I shall indulge in after work, also the slap-up meal I'm treating Mr P to tomorrow evening. Have a great weekend.


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