12 October 2017

Autumn in the woods...

We spent a lovely Autumn day at the woods at the weekend. We arrived early and the morning light was stunning. It was a bright warm day and I couldn't help snapping some shots to capture those very first signs of Autumn.

To read more about our woods, see post here from early Spring.

Have you ever in your life seen a baby snail before?

The woods has so many dark, marshy bits, fallen decaying trees and swamps, perfect conditions for mushrooms.

I love ferns, I delighted in photographing them when they were just sprouting up and uncurling themselves open.  Now they are a beautiful rust colour.

I don't think I will ever fail to be shocked by the dramatic differences we see to the woods as we visit throughout the seasons.

It looks completely different each and every time we visit. We've also not finished exploring every single tiny corner, so we always notice new things, new trees, new plants, new animals.

We have spied many an insect, and lots of birds, even large birds of prey. There have been a couple of dogs even and a red squirrel which was amazing! We have seen many otter and deer footprints and we think possibly badger poo! But yet to see any of these animals. I always feel that they are watching us though...

Everywhere tiny footstep you take you encounter diverse plants and different fallen leaves covering the entire woodland floor.

The mushrooms on this tree were astonishing! They went all the way up, like a ladder.

I spotted the bright orange fungus on this fallen tree a mile off. Such a beautiful colour, even though I'm not entirely sure what it is!

A lot of the trees are still bright green, but just some are beginning to turn.

You can just make out the sloping fells of the Lake District National Park peeking in between the trees.

I'm considering purchasing a mushroom identifying guide. We came across so many different varieties on this trip!

And whilst I was off exploring and snapping away, Mark was busy with 'man things', chainsawing and making charcoal in his new burner on an open fire. Here he is with his very favourite new toy, complete with fetching outfit, eek!

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