29 November 2017

Wonderful Wednesday... 64

This little list has got a little neglected over the past couple of weeks, firstly a flying visit to beautiful Oxford (for work sadly, boo!) then last week was graduation, I don't even sleep during graduation week let alone have time for blog posts, hehe.

Anywho... shall we... here is a little list of the wonderful things that have been keeping me smiling lately...

8 November 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 63

Well a wonderful Wednesday to all the people who happen upon this little hiding place for my rambles (Probably just my mum then! Hi mum! hehe).

This is a weekly post (of sorts) that happens to be posted on a Wednesday (mostly) to where I share some wonderful (ish) things... Shall we...

1 November 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 61

Bit of a dreary photo to start a positive post, but I kind of love it...

I've missed a few weeks because of this and that, but I'm back to it for this week at least... Here's some stuff that's been making me smile.