8 November 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 63

Well a wonderful Wednesday to all the people who happen upon this little hiding place for my rambles (Probably just my mum then! Hi mum! hehe).

This is a weekly post (of sorts) that happens to be posted on a Wednesday (mostly) to where I share some wonderful (ish) things... Shall we...

1. Mittens. Yup I'm not going to get over the fact it's cold, frosty, misty, icy etc etc anytime soon. Yup I will be mentioning the weather every week. I bloomin well love this time of year love love love it, and as we get colder I get more and more excited. I wore my mittens for the first time this morning. I adore my mittens, they are just plain knit mittens, nothing special. But they are the only things I ever want to wear on my hands and have been for the past, oooh 15 years or more. I bought them in Topshop in Manchester for like £4 when I was very poor and 'between jobs'. Other mittens and gloves (shudder!!!) have come and go in that time, but nothing beats my little black mittens.

2. Frosty runs. Yes I am making the weather references run to not one put two points this week.... But yes to frosty runs! My 6 am runs this week have just been hugely enjoyable in the freezing freezing cold. No, that is not sarcasm there, honest! I get to wear my thick running tights and my little running coat and more layers and my mittens too. I can see my breath as I pound the pavements and I don't get the usual bright sweaty beetroot face at the end of it. Also it's a pretty special feeling being outside in the dark, with the early morning world to yourself when the ground and air is filled with frost.

3. Fireworks. Yeah for fireworks, love them! Make it known that I ONLY mean fireworks in a big organised display here. I simply do not see the point in little home fireworks and teenagers who set them off randomly on other nights nowhere near the 5th November, ugh!  But big organised displays of fireworks are wonderful. I feel like a little kid whenever I watch them. I cannot help thinking of the poor little animals on bonfire night though, not least our little Kara dog. Kara detested fireworks, she would wimper and cower and thinking of her brought a few tears to my eyes as I watched out city display. But I will continue to love watching fireworks and if I can think of our beautiful K at the same time, then that's fab too.

4. Sweet Freedom Choc Shot. Oh my dear god this stuff. Have you tried it? Life saver, absolute life saver when you are trying to eat better honestly! It's devine! It is chocolate sauce, thick, gooey, highly concentrated chocolate flavoured sauce. It is though, only 14 calories per tablespoon. It's gluten free, dairy free, vegan, has no nasties and is in fact mostly fruit! But it tastes like the real thing to me and it means chocolate porridge! Yup... guilt free chocolate porridge... I shall be looking forward to this each and every morning from now on.

5. More Stephen Fry. I've just downloaded the latest Stephen Fry autobiography audiobook (it being only new to me of course and in fact a few years old now) but I devoured the first two and now Stephen again joyfully booms in my ears on my morning walk to work. Oh his way with words has me beaming from ear to ear. I honestly have little idea about the things he talks about, classic movies and theatre and music, or the many many people he references but I find him fascinating. I'm hoping his fourth volume is out very very very soon as I fear I am going to race through this one in no time at all.

6. My new handbag. I am officially old and boring.  The realisation struck me when it came time to purchase a new handbag. I'm a picky and particular sort of a person and handbag choice is no exception.  See I'm very loyal to a handbag, I'm not one of these with loads of the things, moving my stuff from one to the next. Nope I pick one, lovely one, and stick with it until I either get bored of it or it falls apart, usually the latter.  I don't wear leather and I don't like normal girly type handbags you can buy in 'normal' shops. I like a cross body type thing that just fits all my stuff but isn't massive. My mum is a keen fan of Kipling, you know the monkey bags. (I won't reveal here just how many she owns! But I'm sure she has a new one each and every time I see her!) well I've never much liked them.. but I can't help noticing how practical and well made they are.... They have SO many compartments and zips and they are fully waterproof and in such huge array of sizes, styles and prints.   Yes I admit it, I've bought a Kipling bag! I picked a handbag for it's practicality over it's looks, yup I am old and boring it is official. But my did I have fun putting all my bits and bobs into the myriad of little pockets. I can never find a dam thing now but I love that they are all zipped away safe and dry, there's even a little pocket just for my mittens, bliss!

That's me for this week. But don't forget to check out the rest of the Wonderful crew...SallyHelenMichelleSarahKateCatSamEl Kerri, and Peta tweet tweet your Wonderful too with the hashtag #WonderfulWednesday


  1. Hi !! Xx😊😊❤️❤️

  2. Oh what a wonderful list of happiness Jo! I adore mittens and lost my trust pair a few years back, none have been able to replace them! Your morning runs sound very freeing and invigorating!!
    I hope you have a great week,
    Peta xx


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