29 November 2017

Wonderful Wednesday... 64

This little list has got a little neglected over the past couple of weeks, firstly a flying visit to beautiful Oxford (for work sadly, boo!) then last week was graduation, I don't even sleep during graduation week let alone have time for blog posts, hehe.

Anywho... shall we... here is a little list of the wonderful things that have been keeping me smiling lately...

1. Good skincare routine. I've been really making an effort with my skincare recently. I'm now religious about taking my make up off and washing my face. I've invested in some good products and I finally feel like I've found my routine. My skin is looking so much better for it too, my make up sits better and I just feel more confident in my appearance.

2. Meg walkies. My Meg mog is the cutest cat in the whole world. Don't even try to tell me that YOUR cat is better, or cuter, they aren't, Meg wins everytime! haha. Cats are such routine little people and Meg Peg is no exception. Every night after dinner she waits by the back door, she's quite vocal about what she wants. But she sits nicely and lets me put her little pink harness on, it clips round her neck and round her tummy then we go outside. Peg is an inside cat but since moving over a year and a half ago, we now have a garden/yard to explore. We have about 15 minutes play and walk, sniffing every corner, and pouncing on leaves and then she simply goes to the back door and asks to go back in to warm herself in front of the fire. I think she secretly might be a dog you know... but it's the cutest thing ever...

3. Whinlatter Altura Red South. I adore mountain biking, I adore any time spent on my bike. My bike is my happy place and anywhere it goes is fine by me. But my most favourite place to go on my bike is the south loop of the Altura mountain biking trail in Whinlatter forest, Cumbria. I'm not the best mountain biker by any means and lots of bits scare me. But the very bottom downhill on this trail is all swoopy, smooth, big drops, jumps, berms. This is the section of track I am most confident on and its crazy fun. We haven't been here in a while and I had forgotten just how much I love it. Never has my face seen as huge a grin as when I'm wizzing down this trail.

4. Gingerbread Man candles. Do you want your house to smell like Christmas biscuits? Of course you do! Get to Wilko NOW! A bargaintastic £1 for the nicest smelling candles ever. They are pretty strong, even with my crappy pretty non existent sense of smell. I just pick up a couple more every time I am in town, and like to light them every evening. They smell delicious.

5. Brussels sprouts. I love this time of year, for many reasons but genuinely one of the best bits of this time of year is sprouts! By far my fave veg. If I'm having the kind of meal that calls for some green veg on the side (which most of my meals do) then it's always sprouts. There's probably a good chance I will have turned into a sprout before Christmas finally comes. I am also quite partial to those cute little nets of chocolate sprouts that M&S do this time of year too, joy!

6. The return of my very fave necklace. My very fave necklace lost a few of it's sparkly gems and it made me super sad. But I dropped the amazing people at Tatty Devine a little tweet and an email and then posted it to Tatty Care to be fixed. Honestly best customer service ever! I got emails every step of they way, told me the whole process, the pricing and let me know when it had safely arrived and when to expect it back. It arrived beautifully packaged and it was like receiving it brand new all over again. So glad to have this necklace back, it goes with everything.

7. The countdown to Xmas. Today I officially have 2.5 weeks left at work until the Christmas holidays! YES! I am off for 2 whole weeks and a day and I cannot bloomin wait. I haven't had any proper time off for 6 months, only days here and there, so it is much needed. Work has been very busy and very full on so I just cannot wait to leave it all behind and enjoy the end of the year.

8. Chocolate orange porridge. Oh my dear lord in holy hell this stuff is frigging awesome! I literally want to eat it all day every day, swim in it, bathe in it, stuff my face with it until it comes out of my ears... you get the idea right... I'm still having a love affair with porridge and I thought I had reached the pinnacle when I discovered the Freedom Foods Choc Shot (see last WW post) but nope I've discovered they do a chocolate orange flavour. It tastes like Terry's chocolate oranges, its unreal!  I had 2 rather large bowls of the stuff for my tea on Sunday and I simply could not have been happier!

That's me for this week. But don't forget to check out the rest of the Wonderful crew...SallyHelenMichelleSarahKateCatSamEl Kerri, and Peta tweet tweet your Wonderful too with the hashtag #WonderfulWednesday


  1. Oh my goodness chocolate orange porridge sounds insanely good! Meg is the cutest and I love your beautiul necklace, I'm so happy you have it back all in one piece and ready to wear for the festive season!

    Peta x

    1. Choc orange porridge is insanely good, you must try it at once! hehe. Thanks so much for your kind comment. Jo x

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