5 December 2017

A walk around Loweswater

We enjoyed a lovely little break away this past weekend, booked into a little place near our woods for the evening. Saturday was spent in the woods, I was pottering, taking endless photos and just enjoying the solitude whilst Mark was chopping stuff with chainsaws and you know 'man' things.

But on Sunday, after a delicious and incredibly filling veggie full English breakfast at our B&B we popped to Loweswater, just ten minutes down the road.

Loweswater is one of the smaller lakes in the Lake District, Cumbria and consequently pretty quiet. There is no large car park, no tea rooms or shops on the shore but lack of these things actually appeals to me.

It is not a lake I have ever visited before and I was suitably impressed. We took the 'big' camera and I took endless photos.

We followed this walk which is a really easy, flat couple of hours stroll. It really is beautifully picturesque as you can hopefully see by the photos.

The walk started along a road, but it's a quiet twisty country road, following the lake. There are the odd bits down by the shore that you can cut down to, but in some places the road is your only option for walking on.

The early morning light was unbelievable, I have left all these photos completely unfiltered and edited so they really capture the atmosphere and light from the walk. I love a winter walk, these places are not just to be enjoyed in the summer!

Those pesky red squirrels, always going too fast!

The road takes you right to the top of the lake and a little way past and then you cut down to the right by the signpost onto a much smaller country road which actually takes you down to the lake.

I was quite taken by this mountain that had been looming in the distance on this part of the walk. This is Mellbreak, I'm not sure I have any ambition to be climbing this one!

The road down ends in a car park. It's a very small car park, that was already overcrowded, so I would not rely on parking here. There are a few other parking spots along the road where we just walked, and with only a 2 hour circular walk, it doesn't really matter where you park the car!

This does seem to the most popular starting location for the walk though.

We were more excited about this part of the walk. The views over the lake from the road were stunning, but I was keen to get down to the actual shore and see a more interesting path.

What a perfect sitting tree!

I spotted this lonely cottage on the lake shore tucked away, what a beautiful place to live. I've since googled it and discovered its a holiday cottage you can rent from the National Trust, yes please!

After Watergate Farm the path goes through a wooded area.

Further along the path splits in two and the couple of other people we saw seemed to carry on forward whereas we took the path to the right to follow the shore, it did not disappoint, with some awesome views out across the lake and some pretty epic trees.

The paths did join up again after the little de-tour, but I highly recommend taking the right hand side path and stick close to the shore. It was quite nice to have this little spot to ourselves.

The path continues on the lake shore and then goes up a little before dropping back into some more farms at the very top of the lake. From this point we could see our car over the other side.

I was shocked how short a walk it was, I could very easily have gone round again.  But for a lovely morning winter stroll it was perfect. I will certainly be visiting again.  I did have a little sad thought, that a very recently dear departed friend Kara dog, would have LOVED this walk, endless paddling opportunities.

We crossed over a few farmers fields and through the gates back up to the road to the little car park to our car and set off up the road again home.

A thoroughly beautiful little walk and highly recommend when you are not feeling too adventurous.

I'm super glad to have crossed off another lake from my challenge to walk round all the lakes in the Lake District.

Have you been to Loweswater?

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