30 March 2018

Bright stripe baby blanket

Goodness it's been a while since I posted some crochet on here. Well in fact it's been a while since I completed any crochet worthy of posting on here. But I simply could not resist snapping this little bright blanket commission, really rather pleased with it.

21 March 2018

Wonderful Wednesday ... 73

Happy Wednesday folks!

So I'm a hyper organised type of person and I will admit I have an on-going list for Wonderful Wednesday on my phone, on my super organised and categorised, colour coded list app. I jot a little note down when wonderful things happen so that I remember to include them on this little list. I have an appalling memory so really I have to be organised and keep records.

Anywho, I missed last week, cannot even remember why, just plain forgot I think... (maybe not quite as organised as I think then, hehe) But I still had some super wonderful things on my list that I have not posted about yet, so this week is a little mash up of wonderful things from recently.

Shall we get on with it then?

19 March 2018

Rydal and Grasmere

We recently crossed off another couple of lakes from my 'walk round every lake in the Lake District challenge'. Completing two lakes in 1 day, Rydal and Grasmere.

12 March 2018

A weekend in a 400 year old cottage in Longsleddale

It has been tradition for Mark and I over the past few years to have a little February Cumbrian holiday, tucked away in a remote cottage somewhere in the lakes. You can see previous years here and here. This year's cottage is perhaps THE best yet...

7 March 2018

Wonderful Wednesday... 72

Hello dear loyal blog readers (just my mum then, hi mum!) herewith I present to you a list of wonderful things, on a Wednesday... I call it 'Wonderful Wednesday'....

Shall we....

21 February 2018

Wonderful Wednesday ... 71

Happy Wednesday! Here's a little list of wonderful things that have been keeping a smile on my face this week:

14 February 2018

Wonderful Wednesday ... 70

I feel like I want a jingle to introduce these weekly posts... If this were a news segment, or a podcast or a vlog it would have a little jingle to introduce it... so you have to just imagine a little tune in your head and sing along...

It's ah Wonderful, oh so Wonderful, Wed nes day tiiiiiiimmme!

Shut up Jo.... just get on with it..... (eye roll emoji)

11 February 2018

Challenge: Walk round every lake in the lake district

I consider myself very lucky to live exactly where I do. I live in THE most beautiful county in the UK (fact) and out of the places I have been in the world (admittedly it's not a long list) so far nowhere ever beats Cumbria. I was born and bred here and I do not want to live anywhere else.

9 February 2018

Allotment year 1: What I have learnt

So my blog post (thanks blog, see this is why I do it!) tells me that we had our very first allotmenting weekend on 10-11th September 2016.  So I am perhaps a little overdue for this 'first year' review post... But we had a long preparation time just getting our allotment ready for planting so I feel like our first 'proper' allotmenting year started last spring.

I am in the process of making plans and deciding what to grow for this year, so it got me reflecting back over our first year as allotmenters.

7 February 2018

Wonderful Wednesday ... 69

It's Wednesday, which can only really mean one thing can't it... drum roll please... it's Wonderful Wednesday time....

Here is a little list of things that have been keeping me smiling this past week:

31 January 2018

Wonderful Wednesday... 68

Hello you wonderful lot, welcome to another little Wednesday list...

I'm beginning to feel, ever so slightly, the draaag of January and the daily 9-5 routine. Weeks off usually do me so much good, I bounce back to work refreshed, energised, motivated and all that. But then you get bogged down again into your routine and begin to feel a little bit ugh. However... I really know the stuff that jumps me right back out of these feelings and stops me getting overly negative. As much as I may be lacking in motivation I've been sticking to my tried and tested methods, in fact all the stuff HERE and it works it truly truly works. When you are feeling a little out of sorts some of these things can feel a bit like going through the motions, it may take a little time but if I stick to the things I know make me happy then I'm feeling myself again in no time.

This little Wednesday list though plays a big part in changing my mood for the better and always brings me joy... so here we are with this week's happiness...

24 January 2018

Wonderful Wednesday ... 67

Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday, a weekly sort of a post where I post those little snippets of wonderful things that have been happening recently...

Let's get on with the list...

16 January 2018

Wonderful Wednesday ... 66

Hey ho! How are you this fine Wednesday? It's the third Wednesday of the year already, whaaaat. I'm well and truly back into the old routine now, it feels odd to see people and they are still wishing me a 'happy new year', it feels like months ago to me now.

I'm well underway with my resolutions and goals for this year, popped up a little post here all about it. I can't tell you just how happy these little intentions are making me.  Speaking of happiness I also popped up this little post here all about the bigger ways I am forcing myself to stay happy and positive this month and this year.

This little weekly post plays a huge part in keeping myself positive throughout the year too, so shall we:

15 January 2018

January sucks?

So everybody knows January sucks, right? We are all on a come down after the Christmas and New year festivities, the weather is usually pants, we've got no money and it's ages until payday, there is never any daylight, it's all doom and gloom right? The media has declared today 'Blue Monday', so all of this must be true, right? WRONG!

8 January 2018

2018 Planning

I love setting goals, planning, lists, resolutions, love them all. I set myself different types of goals all the time, not just in January.  But I find this is of course the best month to sit and reflect over what you want to achieve for the year ahead.

4 January 2018

2017 in Review

Each year I make a point of doing a round-up style post of all the fun adventures we have been on, so...

In 2017 I visited:

3 January 2018

Wonderful Wednesday ... 65

Happy New Year and Wonderful Wednesday chums! To be perfectly honest I'm not feeling at all happy or wonderful but I am hoping that getting back to 'normal' and focusing on some positive things might just help with that so here we are...

We very sadly lost my grandma over the Christmas break so things have been a little blue. With my beloved K just a couple of months earlier there has just been too much loss and too much sad.  But with a fresh new year I am determined to pull myself together and to focus on making myself happy.

So here is my little list: