16 January 2018

Wonderful Wednesday ... 66

Hey ho! How are you this fine Wednesday? It's the third Wednesday of the year already, whaaaat. I'm well and truly back into the old routine now, it feels odd to see people and they are still wishing me a 'happy new year', it feels like months ago to me now.

I'm well underway with my resolutions and goals for this year, popped up a little post here all about it. I can't tell you just how happy these little intentions are making me.  Speaking of happiness I also popped up this little post here all about the bigger ways I am forcing myself to stay happy and positive this month and this year.

This little weekly post plays a huge part in keeping myself positive throughout the year too, so shall we:

1. A crazy frosty bike ride.  Oh my goodness I enjoyed my bike ride the other weekend SO much! The world was white and thick with frost as I set off, I began to wonder if I was being a little silly, but as I got going and warmed up my body a little bit it was just utterly glorious. Not many people were mad enough to be out so I had the world to myself and my usual beautiful scenery had turned into a winter wonderland. It was a very odd sensation having some parts of my body sweating from the exercise, but others (mostly my face) felt like they were on fire from the burn of the icy windy blasts, but all so worth it. I did a little 18 miler and was over a 1000 cal burn, so was very pleased.

2. A new audiobook. It's a new years resolution to read more and I am doing this mostly through audiobooks. If I can combine two things together then I am always happy. I walk to and from work everyday and listen to audio books the whole way. I often don't even know how I get to work, my legs just remember the way, I get so engrossed in my books. I've just finished 'Take Six Girls: The Lives of the Mitford Sisters' biography is my favourite genre and I devoured this one, I adore anything about the Mitfords. I've just started a very new book now, after loving The Crown on Netflix I became intrigued by Princess Margaret, so I'm listening to 'Maam Darling' so far so good.

3. Lunchtime walks and swinging. My bestest chum Anna and I have been enjoying some lunchtime walks at work and it's great. It's another goal of mine to go outside everyday. I achieve this easily through the working week as I walk to work and back but that's usually in the dark. So lunchtime walks ensure I get a teeny bit of vitamin D and all the better when they are combined with gossip and laughs with your friend. On a walk this week we discovered a little play park and as there was nobody around we jumped on the swings, well really who could resist, it was lots of fun.

4. New yarn delivery. The most exciting parcel you will ever receive in the post has to be new yarn! Fresh perfect, uniform balls or skeins all wrapped up in nice packaging. Oh my goodness I adore new wool. I have to squeeze them and sniff them and squish them into my face. It seems a shame to untangle them from their packaging and start using them frankly.

5. Painting. Yet another little resolution I have begun this month is to take up painting. For a good few nights this month so far I've got out my new little brushes and my dinky little watercolour sketchbook and made some doodles on the pages. For now I am playing, copying from admired artists, having a go at some flowers and houses and pretty pictures I've been collecting in Instagram folders and Pinterest boards. My new painting resolution isn't about becoming an 'artist' nor is it even about completing a perfect picture of anything, I just want to simply enjoy the process and enjoy the act itself. So what I am painting is inconsequential really but I must say I've lost many many hours to it so far and I'm in love.

6. The most perfect jumper. I wasn't meant to be spending money on clothes this month, I have FAR too many and well no money for such things. But I spotted it, the most perfect jumper and obviously I couldn't resist. To many it would be very easily overlooked but to me it is ideal. It's as if I designed it myself. I want to wear it every single day. It was very cheap and just from a supermarket (as most of my clothes these days seem to be, I'm getting very dull in my old age). But it's stripey and monochrome and longer length and has the cutest curved hemline with little side slits. If you find the ONE of course you must be permitted to make an exception to your stringent monthly spending rules.

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  1. Ahh your lunchtime walks sound lovely, you'll have to keep me in the loop if any jobs come up at UoC then I can join in :) I usually end up wandering round the shops which is much less inspiring, and not good for the bank balance!

    1. Thanks loads for your comment Caroline. I like being just that little bit further away from town, I rarely go in which is a positive for my bank balance! hehe.


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