24 January 2018

Wonderful Wednesday ... 67

Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday, a weekly sort of a post where I post those little snippets of wonderful things that have been happening recently...

Let's get on with the list...

1. Running. Running and I have this very on off relationship that has been going on for the last ten years or more! Seemingly these past couple of months it has been more off than on. But who can blame me with the weather so appalling and the pavements resembling ice rinks most of the time. I detest running inside on machines to nowhere so I have not really been very motivated to get my trainers on of late.  But this week I did it, sod the rain, I went for it, set the alarm for 5.45 and was outside before the rest of the world woke up. And do you know what, LOVED it! Yep me and running it's ON again! 

2. Porridge. Oh porridge porridge porridge. Seriously it's ALL I want to eat, and some days pretty much is all I am eating. I honestly have no idea why it has taken me so long to discover I liked this glorious stuff. I've always thought I should like it, it was appealing to me, and I like other oaty things, like Flapjack (oh god drool flapjack). But whenever I tried to like it in the past I just couldn't. But now I eat it daily, sometime twice or three times daily. Mostly I make chocolate porridge with standard big bowl (obvs!) original Quaker oats and a large dollop of Freedom Foods Choc Shot, sometimes the orange flavour. Yesterday I was craving porridge so much I was still walking through the door, taking my shoes and coat off as I was stuffing my bowl into the microwave. Oh porridge, where HAVE you been all my life...

3. Sticking to my to-do list. I find I am most happy when I am getting things done and feel on top of stuff. But I can be pretty hard on myself and load stupid amounts of stuff onto to-do lists and then feel crap when I don't achieve them. Well this week I have set achievable small tasks daily. I've even been putting workouts on there and so far sticking to it, 100% easy peasy. No idea what's come over me but it's putting a huge smile on my face.

4. Candles. I'm still working my way through my Christmas candles... I am burning mulled wine and gingerbread man candles on a nightly basis and filling the house with glorious smells. I have just started a Christmas cookie one and it's gingerbready but extra sickly sweet and it's amaaaaaaaazing! I feel justified in my candle flavour choices due to the wintery weather. I have lined up a few spring ones ready to go, my absolute fave fave English Bluebell, a peony one and a couple of odd other spring flower ones recently, can't wait.

5. A family day out. Saturday was super lovely and fun. I hopped on an early train over to Newcastle to visit my favourietest Sister, Brother in Law and littlest nephew for the day. We went to a local park, it was really snowy and super pretty. We played snowball fights, got chased around a maze, enjoyed the swings, had gingerbread men for lunch and spotted millions of friendly squirrels. Back home we played endless board games and hide and seek. It's so fun that James is almost 3 and a half now and he can play proper games and (vaguely) understand them. Family days are the best.

6. Booking holidays. After failing dismally last year to be anywhere near organised with co-ordinated times off and holidays we made a pact this year to be on it and get it all booked in early. So this past week we have done just that. We have managed to get the same weeks booked off and have already started making plans for short breaks away in pretty cottages, camping and woods visits and hopefully (all the fingers crossed) an actual abroad 'proper' holiday in the summer. Wuhu... 

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  1. Oh my goodness I am craving holidays and adventures right now so I'm impressed by your coordination! I'm a little bit jealous of all that snow you've got, it's just rain down here. Have a fab rest of your week.
    Kate xx

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Kate. I'm craving holidays SO bad too. Oh and don;t be too jealous about snow this was over other side of country, I was just visiting the snow for the day, we had none either, boo! x

  2. Oh Jo what a wonderful list, your porridge sounds delightful - I'm a huge advocate of porridge any time of day too! It's ever so comforting isn't it. Well done for getting back to running and enjoying it and YAY to the to do list - I need to create more achievable to do lists as I'm terrible for piling on alllll the to dos in one place.

    Have a lovely rest of your week
    Peta xx

    1. Thanks so much for you kind comment Peta. Yes to porridge, just always! hehe. We are all so hard on ourselves with the lists aren't we...
      Hope you have a lovely week too. x

  3. To-do list high fives! I usually have about 4 on the go at one time but I don't feel organised without them :)

    Heaps of congratulations on getting your holiday booked in already - that's very organised and so wonderful to have them to look forward to! Where are you thinking of for the holiday abroad?

    Have a fantastic week!

    C x

  4. Yay for being productive! There is nothing better than feeling like you've achieved things, even if they are only small tasks.

    If you are thinking of going away, I've recently started work as a travel consultant and know allll the tips! Feel free to pick my brains I *love* talking about holidays! xx

    Lynsey || One More Slice

  5. HELL YES TO STICKING TO A TO-DO-LIST. I've totally lost my working mojo so far this year and I miss the days of ticking off everything from my list. I'll get it back though, I'm sure!!! x


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