21 February 2018

Wonderful Wednesday ... 71

Happy Wednesday! Here's a little list of wonderful things that have been keeping a smile on my face this week:

14 February 2018

Wonderful Wednesday ... 70

I feel like I want a jingle to introduce these weekly posts... If this were a news segment, or a podcast or a vlog it would have a little jingle to introduce it... so you have to just imagine a little tune in your head and sing along...

It's ah Wonderful, oh so Wonderful, Wed nes day tiiiiiiimmme!

Shut up Jo.... just get on with it..... (eye roll emoji)

11 February 2018

Challenge: Walk round every lake in the lake district

I consider myself very lucky to live exactly where I do. I live in THE most beautiful county in the UK (fact) and out of the places I have been in the world (admittedly it's not a long list) so far nowhere ever beats Cumbria. I was born and bred here and I do not want to live anywhere else.

9 February 2018

Allotment year 1: What I have learnt

So my blog post (thanks blog, see this is why I do it!) tells me that we had our very first allotmenting weekend on 10-11th September 2016.  So I am perhaps a little overdue for this 'first year' review post... But we had a long preparation time just getting our allotment ready for planting so I feel like our first 'proper' allotmenting year started last spring.

I am in the process of making plans and deciding what to grow for this year, so it got me reflecting back over our first year as allotmenters.

7 February 2018

Wonderful Wednesday ... 69

It's Wednesday, which can only really mean one thing can't it... drum roll please... it's Wonderful Wednesday time....

Here is a little list of things that have been keeping me smiling this past week: