14 February 2018

Wonderful Wednesday ... 70

I feel like I want a jingle to introduce these weekly posts... If this were a news segment, or a podcast or a vlog it would have a little jingle to introduce it... so you have to just imagine a little tune in your head and sing along...

It's ah Wonderful, oh so Wonderful, Wed nes day tiiiiiiimmme!

Shut up Jo.... just get on with it..... (eye roll emoji)

1. I WIN. OK, so we can all stop now and go home because I officially WIN Wonderful Wednesday. You may not think it's possible to 'win' a blog post theme... but I am about to change your mind... There simply cannot ever be anything ever quite so wonderful EVER as what I am about to show you... yep... click HERE... yep...lambs, live, like actual being born, LAMBS! Now try to tear yourself away from your screen... impossible I know. But you're welcome! (lol).

2. Slow cooking. Got my slow cooker out the cupboard on Sunday, dusted it off and actually used it. Made a huge great big veggie chilli. Dumped all the leftover veg in, along with some spices, stock and pasatta. 6 hours later, delicious it was! Even got a couple of portions frozen for another day, how organised am I! Makes me want to research more and more veggie slow cooker recipes... if you happen to know any...?

3. A new crochet project. A new crochet project landed into my inbox this week, wuhu! A request for a baby blanket. I feel like crochet and I have drifted apart recently (saaad times) because I've had nothing to crochet except my own blanket. See I'm such an altruistic (yup yup totally just had to google that word) crocheter! I'm not motivated unless I'm crocheting for others... I'm just too perfect really is my problem! haha. LOL, kidding obvs! But yeah to new projects... Picking wool and patterns is ALL the fun!

4. Switching up routines. This is something so super teeny tiny and only something I notice or care about... but I switched some things up in my overly routined life and I cannot tell you the difference it has made. I'm clearly mad, and weird I know, and only other hyper organised routiney people will get this... but yeah to routines! I find in mornings before work I cram in too much, get up earlier and earlier to work out, to mediate, to make my lunch, blah blah blah. Well I now make my lunch the night before, groooooound breaking I tell you. I've also swapped my meditation time so I'm not rushing it in and it feels so much better this way. It's the silly little things like this that keep me sane!

5. Monday morning. I love you Monday... don't listen to that whiny Morrisey and like everyone else on the planet. I truly do love Mondays! Why do they get such a bad reputation? I love the feeling of a start, something new and that's what Monday gives me each and every week. Obviously I would rather be at home than work, but work fits in with my desire to be in a routine (see point above). I feel motivated on a Monday and always set new intentions for the week and it just makes me feel positive. This Monday morning I practically skipped out of bed! (I know I nauseate myself! haha)

6. Pancakes.  Well I cannot let this week's post go without mentioning THE best food related day of the year! wuhu for Pancake Day! Any day that is just about eating is fine by me. No idea why we really have pancake day anymore, nor am I invested in the meaning and symbolism behind it, I just want to eat pancakes. We had them for tea, they were not instagrammable in the least, large, flat and folded, liberally sprinkled with sugar and lemon, eaten until we were on the very verge of physically bursting... the ONLY way to eat pancakes on pancake day!

Well that's enough rambles for this week from me... but if you should happen to want an altogether more professional and wonderful and a whole lot less sarcastic post, then do pop over to visit my fellow WWers here:  SallyHelenMichelleSarahKateCatSamEl Kerri, and Peta tweet tweet your Wonderful too with the hashtag #WonderfulWednesday


  1. Ah Jo I am totally with you on the switching up the routine thing! I set my alarm an hour earlier for this week to try and fit in more "stuff" before work, but it's had the opposite effect as I'm just tired and grumpy! Less is more in the mornings, for sure...

    Happy #WonderfulWednesday 😊


    1. Thanks so much for your comment. Yeah my get up time gets earlier and earlier... This is probably bad! hehe. x

  2. What a beautiful post Jo, I have to say I'm all about routines too! I'm going to be hooked to the lamb cam now!! I hope you have a lovely rest of your week, your chipper tone has really popped a smile on my face.
    Peta xx

    1. Thanks so much for your kind comment Peta. I LOVE the lamb cam, cannot tear myself away, although not seen any live births yet, boo! So glad to have put a smile on your face with my silly sarcastic ramblings! x

  3. I love the jingle (although it probably sounds completely different in my head aha).

    Changing up a routine is always good for the soul, especially if it allows you more time to do something you enjoy. I always try to make my lunch the night before, it means I can sleep in a little longer!xx


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