21 February 2018

Wonderful Wednesday ... 71

Happy Wednesday! Here's a little list of wonderful things that have been keeping a smile on my face this week:

1. Outlander. This week I seemed to be out of TV to watch, I had watched all my fave youtubers and was fully up to date with all current episodes of things I'm watching. I really just felt like getting into a long series and watching endless episodes... Mark and I have a list but of course all these are 'boy' programmes, I'm happy to watch them but I need something a little girlier sometimes you know. I scrolled through all my many subscriptions and came to Outlander, I'm SO glad I did. I'm becoming obsessed. Loooong episodes and many episodes per series and a few series to get through, yeah. Have you seen it?

2. Daffodils on my windowsill. My friend gave me the loveliest gift of some potted Daffodil bulbs. I put them on my kitchen windowsill and have been waiting patiently for them to bloom. But over the last few days bloom they have! There are new flowers every day and some are double and even triple flowers. They certainly add springiness to my kitchen.

3. Planning for a weekend away. I'm SO excited! Mark and I are off on a little adventure weekend. We are taking Friday and Monday off too. We are renting a beautiful super old cottage in the middle of nowhere in the south lakes. I will hopefully be able to cross off a couple more lakes from my list too. A lovely weekend of amazing scenery and outdoorsyness. Cannot wait!

4. The Keeper of Lost Things. I started a new audiobook. It's called The Keeper of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan. It's such a sweet, interesting story and just a nice 'read'. It fills my ears on my walks to and from work and I am really really enjoying it. Makes a change from my usual biography genre too. I still think audiobooks are the best invention ever. How can you beat somebody reading you a story as you walk?

5. A day of crochet. I spent pretty much the entirety of Sunday sat in front of Outlander crocheting! My weekends are usually full of allotmenting, or visits to the woods, or mountain biking, or of course spending time with friends and family. Not to mention all the mountains of washing from the week and the housework. But I decided the only thing I wanted to do on Sunday was crochet and watch Outlander, so I did. A little Meg Mog joined me too and was curled up next to me on her favourite yellow blanket. Fab it was.

6. Light. I'm loving the extra light in the morning and evenings, I notice it creeping into my bedroom windows as I put my make up on in the morning.  When I leave work in the evening it is pretty much daylight. Before long I can be enjoying bike rides after work... When do the clocks change again???

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  1. I am extremely jealous of your little weekend adventure at the lakes, in a cottage in the middle of nowhere. It sounds glorious! I hope you have a wonderful time.

    I bought some daffodiles but I sadly killed them, I think I have the heating on too much. They just sorted of wilted and went all dry. Perhaps I should keep them in the kitchen too so they last a bit longer!! xx

    Lynsey || One More Slice

  2. Ahhh I loved Outlander!! I've only watched the first series though and reading this has made me want to search out the second :)

    Enjoy your weekend away, sounds magical!

    C x


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