30 March 2018

Bright stripe baby blanket

Goodness it's been a while since I posted some crochet on here. Well in fact it's been a while since I completed any crochet worthy of posting on here. But I simply could not resist snapping this little bright blanket commission, really rather pleased with it.

21 March 2018

Wonderful Wednesday ... 73

Happy Wednesday folks!

So I'm a hyper organised type of person and I will admit I have an on-going list for Wonderful Wednesday on my phone, on my super organised and categorised, colour coded list app. I jot a little note down when wonderful things happen so that I remember to include them on this little list. I have an appalling memory so really I have to be organised and keep records.

Anywho, I missed last week, cannot even remember why, just plain forgot I think... (maybe not quite as organised as I think then, hehe) But I still had some super wonderful things on my list that I have not posted about yet, so this week is a little mash up of wonderful things from recently.

Shall we get on with it then?

19 March 2018

Rydal and Grasmere

We recently crossed off another couple of lakes from my 'walk round every lake in the Lake District challenge'. Completing two lakes in 1 day, Rydal and Grasmere.

12 March 2018

A weekend in a 400 year old cottage in Longsleddale

It has been tradition for Mark and I over the past few years to have a little February Cumbrian holiday, tucked away in a remote cottage somewhere in the lakes. You can see previous years here and here. This year's cottage is perhaps THE best yet...

7 March 2018

Wonderful Wednesday... 72

Hello dear loyal blog readers (just my mum then, hi mum!) herewith I present to you a list of wonderful things, on a Wednesday... I call it 'Wonderful Wednesday'....

Shall we....