30 March 2018

Bright stripe baby blanket

Goodness it's been a while since I posted some crochet on here. Well in fact it's been a while since I completed any crochet worthy of posting on here. But I simply could not resist snapping this little bright blanket commission, really rather pleased with it.

The commission was a baby blanket in gender neutral colours. We went through a few designs and settled on this easy, but super cute, classic granny stripe. You can find a granny stripe pattern here. A lovely pattern that works up really quick and easy and one that you don't need a high level of concentration for, in short, the perfect pattern for cosy nights in front of the TV. I crocheted the majority of this during all the snow we had snuggled up watching endless episodes of Outlander, bliss!

I don't think I even need to mention what yarn I used as this is the yarn I always always always use. It is my go to for anything for babies, I cannot believe I would be able to find anything better.  This is Stylecraft Lullaby which is a DK in nylon acrylic mix, it's super snuggly, thick and soft. The colours I have used from left to right in the above pic are 1768 Denim, 1795 Primrose, 1750 Snow, 1758 Berry and 1766 Apple. They seem to have discontinued Apple as I had a lot of trouble finding it, ugh NO! sad sad times.

Here's a close up of the pattern, as you can see it is clusters of 3 trebles into the spaces between clusters of the previous rows. There are no chains between clusters. I did two rows with each colour creating this little block and stripe effect.

I adore the colours of this yarn, they are bright, primary colours but ever so slightly softer, they are not super super in your face block brights. They just make a super cute blanket. I love using white as the base colour for all my blankets, I think it just helps to make the colours pop a bit more and breaks them up a bit. Full on colour would be a little too much here.

The tools I used for this blanket were:

  • A 3.5mm crochet hook. I love these ones with rubber handles, so comfortable to use.
  • scissors for snipping ends
  • A tape measure to check my sizing as I was going along.
  • Set of darning needles for sewing in ends, ugh the WORST job
  • THE cutest little fimo acorn stitch marker (a pressie from a lovely friend) so I wouldn't loose my place and it kept my work from unravelling whilst my blanket was being stored.

For the edging I picked my fave colour (yellow) and edged the entire thing in treble clusters. It's easier to edge with a completely new colour from the one you end your stripes with and edge it all the way round. I made a chain 2 between 2 treble clusters in each corner.

Ahhh that edging, I could stare at it all day long. I made the exact same edging on a previous blanket and was so taken with it that I had to repeat it here. It is so super simple but I think this simple blanket needs a simple edging. Adding in each colour just brings it all together.  These are just really easy rows of double crochet with each colour all the way round. This edging takes no time at all.

The finished blanket is square. It measures around 97cm by 97cm. I love a square blanket for babies, think it is more an unusual shape. This size also means it can be used for many different things, it will fit super well on a cot, look super cute folded over the rail of a cot, can be folded in half for a car seat or pram etc etc.

After finishing my blankets I like to give them a light press with the iron. Never directly onto the blanket (can you imagine the horror of burning all your hard work!!!) But put a thickish blanket or towel over your crochet before you iron. Press down well with your iron and the heat and pressure will work it's way through and press your blanket well. I don't 'block' or overly press as I like the look of the blankets as soon as they are finished. I usually also give them a good roll with the lint roller (anyone attempting to ever crochet in a house with a cat will get me) and then I always finish my crochet makes with a lovely ribbon.

This bright cute blanket is now off to it's new owner, a brand new teeny baby boy. I hope he likes it. But should he show his appreciation by being sick, or worse all over it, the good news is that Stylecraft Lullaby is completely washable, hurrah!

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