7 March 2018

Wonderful Wednesday... 72

Hello dear loyal blog readers (just my mum then, hi mum!) herewith I present to you a list of wonderful things, on a Wednesday... I call it 'Wonderful Wednesday'....

Shall we....

1. Jamie Fraser. Yup, so Outlander featured here a couple of weeks ago but my interest has moved on from just overall 'Outlander' to just a Jamie Fraser specific obsession. And when I say obsession, yup I mean it... So I binged watched the 3 seasons during snow week and I am now starting the audio books. I have followed the actor that plays him on all the social medias and I've lost entire afternoons to watching fan youtube videos and cast interviews. I think I've convinced my sister to watch Outlander now too, now I just need someone, anyone to obsess with me! haha. Comment below if you get it! Hehe.

2. Snow. I feel I should include this here, because I had PROPER snow days last week. Like my work was closed and they sent us all home. The snow was super deep and this is the DREAM! How often during the loong dark winters (joking I love winter) do we daydream of snow days and then they happened....The snow was beautiful and so powdery and perfect to walk in... for FIVE minutes... yup after that it was one big slushy, black horrible, blizzardy, stressful, anxiety inducing mess. But my initial excitement to opening the curtains that first morning warrants its little place here on my list.

3. James and Aunty Jo days.  So last weekend James was meant to be here, James is my 3 year old nephew. We had both been counting down the days until 'aunty Jo holiday'. James was meant to be coming to me for 2 nights giving his parents a little hol away. But the snow happened, James lives in the north east, so he couldn't get here and I could have cried. But little James kept asking when was his 'aunty Jo holiday' so I can not resist that little person, so its ON, THIS weekend, yeah for James and Aunty Jo days... SO excited.. if there is as much as 1 snowflake, me and the weatherman will be having some very cross words.

4. Longsleddale. Mark and I had a little holiday recently, 3 nights away in the cutest, most ancient little cottage tucked away in the middle of nowhere in the Longsleddale valley in the lakes. I had never visited this valley before but I was mightily impressed. It was stunning. 1 little single track road to the end dotted with the odd picture perfect ancient cottage. Green, rolling hills and a beautiful river flowing through the middle. (check out my header pic) Did you watch Postman Pat when you were little? Yup Longlseddle is the valley that Greendale is based on. Pics coming in a blog post soon...

5. White nail varnish.  I always have bright nails. The more garish, bright, fluorescent the better. But I get bored easily and feel like there are just not enough colours, anyone else think that? I wish they would invent some new colours haha. So I dug deep in my ludicrous collection of nail varnish and found some white. So every single young girl in the 80s totally painted their nails with tippex at school right? I've always been reluctant to wear it because I think people might assume I have used tippex. I just tried it on one nail to see, and I really rather like it. It's different and something I don't ever do, I find I'm looking at my hands more and I'm loving it. I think in the summer with a tan (haha like I ever have a tan, who do I think I am?) will look unreal.

Well that's me for this week, but if that is not enough wonderful for you, then do check out my pals here: SallyHelenMichelleSarahKateCatSamEl KerriLaura and Peta tweet tweet your Wonderful too with the hashtag #WonderfulWednesday

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  1. I saw your little cottage on Insta! It looked so lovely, glad to hear you had a wonderful time.

    I loved the snow too! We didn't get too much where we are as we are so close to the coast, but it was wonderful. Such a rarity! xx

    Have a fabulous week! xx

    Lynsey || One More Slice


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