16 April 2018

Crochet Hedgehog Pal

So after finishing a recent crochet blanket commission I was commenting to friends how much I had enjoyed it and how I now had nothing left to crochet. I've always got projects for myself on the go, but I'm way more motivated when crocheting for other people. So my friend stated that she was in need of a new pin cushion, and would I crochet one for her? Of course I leapt at the opportunity!

The best thing, I was permitted to choose the pattern! So I consulted my crochet inspiration Pinterest board, I've got hundreds of pins here, and picked THE cutest little pattern I could find, this super sweet little hedgehog.

The pattern is Honey the Hedgehog by MochaStitch, you can find it here. It's the sweetest pattern ever, with fantastic, clear instructions. Check out the rest of the shop whilst you are here, the rest are super cute too.

Here's Honey Hedgehog to the right...

And here's Honey Hedgehog to the left...

The tools I used for this project are:

Honey the Hedgehog pattern
Darning needle
Crochet hook size 3.5
Regular sewing needles
black cotton yarn for embroidering the nose.

This was my very first try at popcorn stitch. It always looked a bit daunting, so have avoided it. But really once you have mastered a double and a treble you can do every single stitch. Popcorn stitch is really just a treble cluster joined at the top either in a forward or backward join.

The spines for Honey are separate. So you make the body first, here is Honey all naked! tehe!
Then you make the spines in one piece rather like a toupee, tehe! Then you sew it on. I sewed the spines to the body with the same brown yarn, I stitched along the edges and then a few stitches across the middle to hold it on securely.

I chose safety eyes for little Honey, because I'm not the best at embroidering eyes, and as this little guy is going to an adult then safety eyes are not a problem. I cannot imagine she will bite them off!

The best bit is the little sticky out nose!How cute. I embroidered the end of the nose with some black cotton yarn.

The next best bit of the little hedgie are the little feet. These are really teeny and are just made up of a few stitches each and then sewn on separately.

The wool I used was Stylecraft Special DK Lullaby in Sand number 1756, you can buy this here. I am afraid I have no idea what the other yarn is, just some nameless dark brown from my yarn stash. This is super soft though, feels like an acrylic blend and a DK weight, I am sure any will do though obviously.


I'm really rather smitten with this little guy. My friend seemed to like him too, so much in fact she declared him too good to stick pins in as a pin cushion!

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