11 April 2018

Wonderful Wednesday... 74

Yet again I've missed a couple of weeks. In my defence I have been off work, and Easter etc I had no idea what day it was. Whenever out of my regular routine things tend to slip a bit.  So a little bit of a bumper catch up list of wonderful things that have been happening lately.

1. Getting tattooed. Yippeee, new tattoo! I LOVE tattoos, they are my number 1 thing I pin on Pinterest and I am constantly planning my next one, and the one after that, and the one after that.... I love getting tattooed, I love the excited high after getting the tattoo, love the look of them, planning them. I don't love the itchy scabby second week of a new tattoo though, just be healed already.... ugh groan! But my shiny new tattoo is making me smile big style.

2. The first planting. I've finally finally got some spuds and carrots in the ground at the allotment. I was feeling pretty anxious that we had left it super super late. I think we had everything in by the end of March last year. But the crazy snowy, frosty weather and just being a bit unorganised this year has set us back a bit. Good news is I don't think many other people down the allotment have much in either, so we are not too far behind, I like to keep an eye out to see what my allotment neighbours are up to, just to you know, check I'm not making any hideous allotmenting errors. I'm just excited to get more things in the ground and tidy up our plot a little bit now. I'm sure a full allotment update post will be up soon.

3. A week off work. The week before last I was off work for 9 blissful days in a row. It was certainly needed and well earned. We had time away, got lots of things sorted in the house and allotment and just generally relaxed and forgot about work completely. I actually came back into work the end of last week feeling super refreshed, inspired and creative, ready to take on the next few months.

4. The first camping of the season. Early in our week off we went camping! A couple of nights in Keswick. This is a tradition now for us, Keswick will always be the first camping of the season. I didn't blog it this time, but I have blogged about it for the previous few years which you can find here. Because literally a few days before we were due to go there was thick snow on the ground so we were both a bit reluctant to put up the tent. But still determined to go we booked a camping pod. Our pod was heated and had lights but no furniture, so it still counts as camping right? We had an awesome time, I want to go back right now.

5. Spring wardrobe planning. I officially have nothing to wear, obviously I have a wardrobe bursting with clothes, but still NOTHING at all to wear. I don't love this time of year (from a wardrobe point of view). The more clothes the better with me, so warmer weather means smaller and less clothes and I freak out. I also don't have the biggest clothes budget so I am attempting a methodical approach. Looking at all the stuff from last year, having a good sort out, selling some bits on Ebay and identifying some gaps. I want to just buy a few key things that might see me through. What's your approach to dressing and shopping for the new seasons?

6. A perfectly sunny day at the woods. The first day of our week off was spent at our woods, obviously. It was Mark's birthday so he wanted to spend it at his woods, obviously. It was the nicest day imaginable. Super sunny and in the middle of the day in a sunny spot actually warm. We have visited the woods roughly monthly throughout winter but visiting in Spring is such a contrast. The place was covered in bright yellow primroses and green shoots. I just spent the time exploring more and sitting and doing absolutely nothing. I cannot WAIT for balmy summer days in the woods, drinking a few beers and enjoying the place with friends. Who's up for a woods party?

7. A new puppy. I've saved the best to last. This is the most exciting news, this is the most exciting news in the history of all news ever... we are getting a new puppy! When I say 'we' I mean my parents, not Mark and I, but as I am still a child (in my head) my parents getting a new puppy means she will be a family puppy which means she will be MY puppy obviously, hehe. We collect her this weekend, she is a black Sprocker so a Springer/Cocker spaniel cross and her name is Pippa. She is mostly black with a teeny white patch under her chin and on her toes. I cannot WAIT to meet her, I'm literally bursting with excitement.

Well that's me for this week, but if that is not enough wonderful for you, then do check out my pals here: SallyHelenMichelleSarahKateCatSamEl KerriLaura and Peta tweet tweet your Wonderful too with the hashtag #WonderfulWednesday


  1. Oh my gooooooodnesssss Pippa sounds ADORABLE!!!!! It's so lovely to be reading your wonderful wednesday words again lovely Jo. Your camping trip sounds wonderful and happy birthdya to Mark!
    Peta x

  2. Ahhhh!! You must share lots of photos of Pippa! Everything else I wanted to say has gone straight out of my head after reading that last point :)

    C x

  3. Ooooh lots of photos of the new puppy please!! xx

    Lynsey || One More Slice


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