25 April 2018

Wonderful Wednesday... 75

Well hello there and a wonderful Wednesday to you.

Here is a little list of the stuff that is wonderful that has been happening lately, compiled for you this fine Wednesday... As seems to be a little habit of late, this list is a little mash up of the last couple of weeks... because I have no idea what happened last week...

1. Pippa. Well I'm pretty sure this little lady is going to be featuring on the list each and every week from now on. Pippa is my mum and dad's new puppy. She's a sprocker, cocker and springer spaniel cross. She is mostly black with little white bits under her chin and on her back toes. She is teeny, super cute, crazy playful and well just amazing. I'm addicted to her and just never want to leave her. Planning my next visits to go see her is 100% my motivation currently. I'm pretty sure she's teeny enough to fit in my pocket... I might resort to stealing her yet... seriously is there any greater joy in life than a new puppy?

I'm presuming you want some photos right???

I don't know why but she looks huge on all photos, but honestly in real life she's the teeniest scrap of a thing, about half the size of Meg cat haha!

2. Knit and stitch show. The weekend before last I met a couple of pals for a local craft show at Rheged which is a sort of exhibition, cinema, events, shopping, eating, visiting venuey type place near me. The show was huge, covering many different rooms with talks and demos and many many stalls selling SO many crafty bits and bobs. It was rammed with people, I was definitely overwhelmed with so many people and SO much to see but it was awesome. I came away feeling thoroughly inspired.

3. Dawson's Creek. Yup I'm re-watching. After all that hype surrounding the 20th anniversary, or whatever it was, I felt inspired to watch it all again. It's all on channel 4 online, which is awesome! I'm in equal measure delighted and annoyed by Dawson's Creek. It's pretty implausible but its odd because when I watch I remember how I felt watching it for the first time around. I was older than the characters but going through the same stuff, it had a huge impression on me. It's kind of fun watching it all again.

4. New skincare. Wuhu, I'm waking up in the mornings with my skin feeling AMAZING! I've added a couple of new products to my skincare routine and loving the results. I will explain a little more in another little post I have planed, hopefully up soon. Small changes, and dare I say improvements, to my skin are only ever detectable by me, but I am the only one I care about. Making positive steps to improve my skin makes me feel more confident and therefore happy.

5. HOT hot days. What was the weather doing at the weekend, where did it come from and more importantly where the hell did it go? It felt like another world walking into town in the blazing sun with NO COAT!!! Meg and I had a lovely sit in the garden and I felt super summery and super excited for fun days ahead.

6. Holiday bookings. We finally did it, we booked our summer holiday! Wuhu! A week in Majorca in early June. A lazy beach holiday, I cannot wait. We haven't been abroad in the past couple of years so I'm super super excited. Naturally I have started creating lists already, I always create a list when I'm excited about things. I'm list making about places to go, things to do and obviously holiday clothes I MUST buy.

7. Clearing my head. I was feeling a bit off at the weekend, yep even despite the suuuuper sunny weather. I was due for 'that time of the month' and just felt a little too blue. But this is exactly why I wrote THIS list for days like these. I decided I did not want to feel crap and I took steps to stop myself falling down a hole. Gave myself a good talking to, actually wrote it all down and set some action points for how to snap myself the hell out of it. The next day I felt a million times better and actually super positive and happy, a new cycle started (anyone else feel SO much better on day 1?) and I'm back to my 'normal' self again.

Well that's me for this week, but if that is not enough wonderful for you, then do check out my pals here: SallyHelenMichelleSarahKateCatSamEl KerriLaura and Peta tweet tweet your Wonderful too with the hashtag #WonderfulWednesday


  1. OH MY GOOOOOODNESSSS PIPPA IS AMAZING! I want a Pippa in my life! I hope you have a wonderful holiday in Majorca lovely, what a brilliant thing to have to look forward to!
    Peta x


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