9 May 2018

Wonderful Wednesday... 76

Wonderful Wednesday is a weekly (ish) list of happiness and gratitude for all the lovely little things in life that have happened since well, last Wednesday!

Shall we begin...

1. Crazy hot. What happened at the weekend? A super freakish heat wave hit for the entire long weekend. The weather of dreams, what you always imagine for your bank holidays but never ever happens! Well it did and it was glorious! So hot, so sunny and it brought with it all the smiles, happiness and positivity, hurrah.

2. Bluebells. I'm so happy it's bluebell season. They are a very fave. They are also a very fave of my grandma who we lost at the end of last year.  But seeing the bluebells will always make me think of her, so they are a super happy sight for me. I spied these guys (in my header pic) in our woods the other week. I'm not sure our woods really qualifies as a true 'bluebell wood' as there are not too many, certainly not thick carpets of them.  But there are enough, in little sunny pockets and they are proper British bluebells too.

3. Podcasts. My absolute fave fave thing to listen to on my daily walks to work are podcasts. I think they may have overtaken audio books now. My poor internet ruined short attention span brain gets super bored of loooong books and I find fun, interesting podcasts really fit the bill. I can listen to a new episode every day. I want a podcast to inspire me, uplift me and to make me think. I love a good, deep conversation about thoughts and feelings. Very faves at the moment are Dolly Alderton's Love Stories and Dax Shepard Armchair Expert.

4. James. I babysat this weekend, a flying visit over to Newcastle just for the evening. So my duties were just to ensure he ate his food, watch bedtime stories, read bedtime stories and put to bed. He was of course a perfect angel as always. He is always just so good for me. We had a lovely silly conversation about camping and sunflowers growing as tall as houses over tea and then 3 cbeebies bedtime stories (the Rosamund Pike ones , LOVE her) then a Mr Men storybook then bed. He scooped up his million soft toys he sleeps with and snuggled down under the covers. Love that boy so much I sometimes think I might burst.

5. Meg. Meggy doesn't make this list very often, but in reality she should be on every single week, because she makes me smile every single day, several times a day. She's my bestest bud and she's the sweetest, cuddliest little cat there ever was. I love our little routines and I love that she now enjoys going outside in our back yard on her little pink lead. She has been especially keen to go out over the weekend to enjoy the sun. It was super nice to be able to just hang out with her outside together in the sun. I sat on the doorstep whilst she rolled on her back and covered herself in apple blossom. There's nobody else that I would rather share a sunny spot with.

6. Sunny bike rides. I was a little blue on Monday because Mark was at the woods for a 'boy's weekend' with a friend. I wanted to be outside doing something nice and enjoying the weather too... I quickly reminded myself that I didn't need other people to enjoy the outside...so I slung on my helmet, packed a little rucksack and set off on an adventure just me and my bike. We rode for 18 miles into the beautiful countryside together, past wonderful scenery, past many fields of bleating, prancing baby lambs, peddling hard up big hills and wushing super fast back down the other side. Beautiful it was, nothing beats a bike ride.

Wonderful Wednesday was started by the lovely Sally do visit her blog and see what wonderfullness she is listing this week. Then if that is not enough there is a whole gang of Wonderful Wednesdayers to check out:  

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  1. Oh what a lovely list and Meg sounds adorable :)
    Peta x

  2. I really must visit our local bluebell wood, they're so gorgeous!

    Fearne Cotton has a podcast out, I think it's called 'Happy' but I could be totally wrong, it's meant to be quite good but I haven't got round to listening to it yet xx

    1. Yes do visit the bluebells before it's too late! I've listened to a few of Fearne's podcasts too, they are also on my must listen list, well worth a listen. x

  3. It's lovely that you have bluebells to remind you of you grandma and that you have some in your woods - they are such a beautiful flower.

    I do love a good podcast. I listened to Dolly's Love Stories episode with Ruby Tandoh today and it was glorious. You should also check out Fearne Cotton's new podcast Happy Place! xx

    Lynsey || One More Slice

    1. I've not listened to Ruby's episode yet, thanks so much for reminding me to check it out. X

  4. This is such a lovely list Jo. I'm sorry that the bluebells are a bit bitter sweet but it is noce to know that seeing them will always remind you of your grandma and what a lovely lady she was. They're one of my favourote ever flowers - i can't resist sniffing them! If i could bottle that scent then i truly would!

    Hurrah for sun! I mean i worked most of the weekend but was grateful for my sunny mornings and breakfast in the garden and for longer lighter and warmer evenings spent tinkering in the garden.

    Thanks lots for sharing xxx

    1. Yes bluebells smell divine. I have a little jar on my kitchen windowsill picked from the allotment and I get a waft every time I walk into the kitchen, amazing!I've often wondered if some of the expensive perfumes that claim to be 'bluebell' scented would even come close. x


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