16 May 2018

Wonderful Wednesday ... 77

Wonderful Wednesday is a weekly (ish) list of happiness and gratitude for all the lovely little things in life that have happened since well, last Wednesday!

Shall we begin...

1. A Royal Wedding. Yup, I'm a full on huge royalist, so naturally the prospect of Saturday's royal wedding is making me hugely excited. I'm having a little get together of friends at mine for the occasion, obviously we are having Pimms and obviously I've got several strings of different kinds of bunting. I've even found some super tacky Meghan and Harry poundland masks and even a t-shirt with crowns on to wear for the occasion. It's all a bit of fun isn't it, any excuse for a get together and I bloody love a good theme! Are you as excited as me?

2. The first Pippa walks. Pippa is all jabbed up now and big enough for walks! Actual walks outside of the garden, on her little red lead. Last week was her first foray into the big bad world beyond the garden walls. I've been with my parents a couple of times now to take her for strolls. She just goes on short quick walks round the block, as she is still super tiny, but it has been the most fun. She obviously doesn't walk anywhere near resembling a straight line. She twirls round and round, tangles herself and me in her lead constantly, tries to chase every car, doesn't understand she cannot just burst into the road, likes to go in every driveway we pass and wants to greet every single person. She doesn't walk, she bounces, she chases leaves and petals and she is so teeny it's particularly difficult to avoid stepping on her most of the time. But SO much fun none the less, and it's also pretty cool seeing other people react to her and tel you how cute she is. I can't wait for longer and longer walks and adventures as she gets bigger.

3. Enjoying my allotment. I spent a good few hours on my own in the allotment on Saturday and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a lovely sunny hot day too, which was awesome. I made a list of things I wanted to achieve and I worked through them slowly. Weeding sections, digging sections, watering sections and finally I finished planting my full bed. I'm so excited to have it all planted and now the less strenuous jobs can take place... just keeping on top of the weeds and taking care of the seedlings. I can look forward to leeks, sugar snap peas, squash, cabbage, broccoli, sweetcorn, potatoes, Brussels sprouts and pumpkins later in the year... fingers crossed.

4. An evening of crochet. I spent the other evening crocheting. This seems to be quite a rarity for me lately. And what is even more rare, I was crocheting something for myself. I'm making a blanket, a huge, double bed sized blanket. I'm pretty certain this blanket will take me years and years to complete. But it's oh so pretty, it is white with little specks of super bright, almost neon colours poking through. It's a super easy repetitive pattern, so something I can just sit with on my lap working away as I catch up on season 3 of Dawson's Creek (spoiler alert: I think Pacey Luuuurves Joey! screeeeam!). I'm trying to set myself a goal of dedicating at least 1 evening a week to working on this pretty blanket, it would be good to get it finished at some point in the next decade.

5. The perfect bowl of porridge. Porridge always tastes amazing, obviously. I am always going on about it and I do declare porridge to be my very favourite food. I have porridge every single morning for my breakfast without fail. I will be more specific here and state I have chocolate porridge every morning for my breakfast. Not 'real' chocolate, this really marvellous healthy, natural, low cal, gluten free, sugar free, vegan, fruit based concoction that makes an incredibly good job as disguising itself as chocolate. It's THE best discovery ever. Anywho, so obviously breakfast is always amazing, and the many other times per day I have a bowl of porridge, always amazing. But the other day WHY, oh WHY oh why did my porridge taste incredibly unbelievably ridiculously amazing? I made it the same way, it was the same ingredients, in the same bowl and used the same spoon...but I seem to have stumbled on the most perfect ratio of milk to oats, just the perfect amount of choc sauce drizzled in, cooked it to the perfect minute second it required and let it stand until just the right temperature for eating. It was perfection that all that chemistry and wizardry that came together to form the most perfect bowl of porridge there ever was. But the big question is, will I ever be able to repeat it?

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  1. I am SO here for that perfect bowl of porridge!!! I'm a bit like that - i make mine mostly the same way each day and yet sometimes it's just ridiculously better than usual and it reminds me all over again {as if i need reminding!} how very much i love the stuff!!! Maybe porridge is your 'tea....?' :)

    ALSO waaaah i'm so jealous of your puppy walks...or just puppy in general - she's the sweetst little thing and taking a dog out for a lovely long walk is high up there as one of my favorite ways to spend a day!

    Also mega excited to hear more about your allotment - you sound like you've got SO much to look forward to!

    Thanks so much for sharing xxxx

  2. Yes to porridge in all its glorious states! And you KNOW I’m all about the puppies! Hope she’s rocking your world, there’s nothing quite like the infectious joy of a teeny tiny pooch discovering the world alongside you, makes you see things differently!
    M x


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