27 June 2018

Wonderful Wednesday ... 78

Oops, I seem to have neglected this little hiding place recently. My last post was the end of May and now we somehow find ourselves at the end of June. It wasn't a planned break, nor was it for any specific reason, but weekends got busy, I went on my holidays (Mallorca, LOVED it) and well, I just didn't much feel like blogging..

Anywho... back to it. I will start a fresh with things that have happened this week. I might yet get round to posting my Mallorca pics up... you never know...

1. Allotment harvesting. Summer is here which means we have been pick pick picking down the allotment. My potatoes are amazing, I have so many... My potatoes are red also... I have no idea what variety they are, they sounded nice in B&Q and were on offer! LOL. But they taste good. I've been picking sugar snaps and strawberries too which I can confirm are delicious.

2. Swimming. Mark and I swam every day on holiday, in our outdoor pool at the hotel of course in the blazing sunshine. But we loved it so much that we decided to keep stick with it back home too. Last week we went for a dip after work in our local pool, and we are going again tonight. I bloody loved it. Feels awesome to be swimming again. It was one of those things I used to love, then you start thinking too much about the horror of swimming costumes and bare bits in public and start fretting too much. But sod off to all that I say. Here's to loads of swimming this summer... and hopefully some outside dips too...

3. Sunday evening routine. I bang on about being a routine person here so much. But I really really am. I'm just SO much better when I'm in a routine. Being organised, planning, ordering, all this keeps me sane and ultimately keeps me happy. My very favourite routine is Sunday evenings. I try to turn the dreaded Sunday evenings and the doom and gloom of the looming Monday morning into a positive. I clean the house late on Sunday afternoons, then I change my bed sheets, shave my legs, put on lovely face masks etc, do my finger and toe nails, pluck my eyebrows (all whilst watching youtube or Love Island of course) I do a teeny spot of yoga and I write my to-do lists, keep my diary up to date and set some intentions and positive thoughts for the week ahead. Come Monday morning I'm a much nicer, brighter person to be around.

4. The park to myself. I had to work a little bit on Saturday. But it was a reunion, so it was fun work. The sun was out, so I took the long route to campus and walked in the sunshine and enjoyed our local park. Most often that not you don't meet many people on walks through the park, it's so vast, you can't see to the other side. Walking through on Saturday afternoon in the sunshine, for at least a few minutes anyway I had that place all to myself and it was glorious.

5. Sunshine. I can't let this post go by without mentioning the crazy crazy weather we are having. What is happening? It is literally hotter and sunnier than my holiday to Mallorca at the beginning of the month. The world feels like a different place when it's hot and sunny and it's bringing back all sorts of lovely childhood memories of summers past... I find myself daydreaming of splashing in lakes and paddling in pools in the garden. All I want to eat are ice lollies (Mark got some bubblegum ones the other day, they are BLUE!) and all I want to do is nothing at all. As a fully signed up, passionate member of the I heart winter club, I must confess though I am really rather enjoying this sun.

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  1. Oh what a lovely lovely lovely wonderful wednesday post Jo! It's wonderful to have you back! Your holiday in Mallorca sound bloody amazing, as does swimming and routine - I am a lover of routines myself too!
    Sending lots of love your way, may the sunshine stay all summer long.
    Peta xx


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