2 July 2018

A week in Mallorca

At the beginning of the June we went on holiday! Our very first abroad 'package/resort' holiday together. Our previous abroad holidays together have been America/Canada road trip and travelling round the coast of Portugal camping. So a traditional resort package holiday was something a bit different for us. It was also SUPER easy and relaxed, no wonder so many people do this.. huh!

We went here (red arrow above) , a resort called Playa du Muro, just down the coast from Alcudia. We picked it from the Thomas Cook search, easy peasy. Typed in our budget and a few other options and we picked it from a list just a few months before we went. We knew we wanted a budget hol somewhere sunny neither of us had been before, beach, pool, relaxing... and this one fitted the bill nicely.

Playa du Muro is a purpose built holiday resort, so the entire place is made up of hotels. There is one main road, running parallel to the beach and every building is a hotel, restaurant, superspar, bike hire place or tacky gift shop. So certainly not anything authentic Mallorcan or Spanish where we were. Having said that it was a lovely resort, there was lots to see and do.

Our hotel was lovely, we had an apartment with easy access to the pool and 2 mins walk down the road to the beach, what more could you need? 

Setting off for our first day out exploring, I think I am even wearing make up here, that soon stopped on subsequent days! But check out my super cool, snazzy new shades... Primark's finest.

This is the view from our hotel room. So the hotel was 2 story apartment blocks and we had an upstairs one with a balcony. I failed to take any photos of the apartment (fail!) but it was fairly simple, kitchen/dining room, hallway, bedroom, bathroom and balcony with table and chairs.

The hotel grounds were really well kept with lots of plants and grass areas. The grass wasn't grass, well in the way we think of it, it was more plasticy, it was real but was odd. Anyone know what it might be? Just a different type of grass I guess that works better in hot climates.

Mark looking cool on our first visit to the beach on the first night.

This garden was just cacti, I loved it. This is my dream. I'm guessing rather impossible in the Cumbrian climate though...

The weather was not perfect on our hol, which shocked us a little bit. I had only packed summer clothes obviously, no coats, no umbrellas, nothing remotely 'warm'. It certainly wasn't cold and most days were super hot and sunny, but perhaps a little overcast. But one day we set off walking and the heavens opened! We didn't quite know what to do, dressed only in shorts and summer dress etc. We ducked into a nearby Lidl (I adore how ALL Lidl's are exactly the same inside, we joked that it must be a secret transportation to back home).

But the rain soon went away and we continued our walk along the beach. The sky was amazing just after the rain and the beach deserted, so got some really cool snaps.

We swam in our hotel pool every single day. We had a bit of a routine or getting up and doing something for the day coming back and having a dip in the pool before getting ready for dinner. I loved our pool. There were a lot of kids on huge inflatables but it was a nice cool temperature and deep enough and big enough for proper swimming. I think Mark and I were the only ones doing lengths.

Just including this one as it's funny. Selfie fail! haha. We are grimacing because the sun was in our eyes.

So you can totally tell I'm not a 'beach' person. Spent ages putting yukky sticky, chalky white factor 5 everywhere when I got the beach then ew, sand now stuck everywhere... maybe I should have invested in one of those expensive spray non sticky sun creams afterall...

That's Mark out there in the sea... It was super shallow really far out so not that great for swimming really... but fab for paddling in.

We ate at a range of restaurants... obviously all authentic spanish here, haha!

One day we had a lovely visit to Pollenca, we got a taxi to drop us off and wandered the pretty little streets.

This was probably the hottest day and we walked for what felt like miles and miles and miles. All the little streets made the place feel like a maze, very confusing.

We did stop for a morning snack though in a lovely cafe in the main square.

There was a lot of good doors!

The main tourist attraction in Pollenca are the Calvari  steps. There are apparently 365, it certainly felt like that many. I was quite erm, well sweaty when we got to the top. But so worth it.

There were some very pretty houses along the way.

There was a pretty little church and tea room at the top of the big steps too but... Cat! I was far more concerned with stroking and taking pics of him.

I adored thee big cacti everywhere, they wee so cool. I'm a little bit obsessed with cacti... so much so I may have come home with a rather permanent sore, inky, souvenir of one!

The view was not bad from up here, you could see the entire town and beyond, awesome.

This was my very favourite day, we hired bikes!!! I was over the moon with my bike, loved her. She was a city bike rather than my usual cross country 29er mountain bike. So the seat was huge and squishy, most comfortable and you sort of sat in a more upright position, but best of all she had a basket! I won't look silly down the mountain bike trails at Whinlatter with a basket will I? Considering one for my bike now...

It's ok that we ate ice cream most days right?

Our bike ride was to Alcudia old town which was around 1 hour up the road from us. I loved biking, but we had to go on some big roads and they drive on the wrong side, so didn't love that bit. But biking along on my super lovely bike along quiet roads was just awesome.

It was market day at Alcudia, so we wandered round the stalls and got a spot of lunch before heading back on our bikes. We continued up the coast line to the far corner, just kept biking and biking.

Our favourite time of day to go to the beach was the evenings after tea. We petty much had the place to ourselves. Don't be fooled that the resort was quiet from my photos, come here during the day and you couldn't see the sand for the sheer volume of people all over it. But in the evenings it was bliss. We are not ones for sitting and doing nothing, so we very much enjoyed walking from one end to the other just paddling.
Our last night we headed out further up the road, past the more touristy bit to a nice, more authentic Mallorcan retaurant. It was super lovely.

Our last night selfie, a little different to the first one. Hair scraped back, not a bit of make up and with a few more little freckles.

I loved our week in Mallorca. I'm already gathering ideas for a sunny budget package holiday for next year, any suggestions...?

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  1. Oh I wish I'd read this one earlier - we spent last week in Mallorca, we stayed in Palma which was all kinds of beautiful but didn't venture to the Alcudia side of the island. Pollenca looks a bit beautiful. We didn't do a package, we airbnb'd it but we loved Mallorca all the same, it was a really friendly little place. Hope you find an equally lovely package for next time!
    M x


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