4 July 2018

Wonderful Wednesday ... 79

Here's a list of the wonderful things that have been keeping that smile on my face this week:

1. A Jo and Pippa day. I had a day off work on Friday to puppy sit. My parents were going out for the day, and Pippa puppy is still a baby so cannot be left all day long on her own. So I spent the day at my parent's house in the sunshine. I don't often get Pippa all to myself to it was super fun. We played chase round the house, played ball in the garden, jumped around in the spray of the hose pipe and well, I do admit, we had a little nap together on the sofa too, ahh!

2. Pippa's first train. Pippa appears twice in my little list this week, I had such a fun puppy weekend. On Sunday my Dad and I took her to one of our favourite places, the South Tynedale Railway. This was our fave place for a day out with Kara dog so we were keen to introduce our new doggy to it too. She was a little unsure on the train when it started moving but very much enjoyed greeting everyone and the enthusiastic cuddles and strokes and general cooing and aaaawing she received back (she's such an attention seeker!).

3. None stop chatting. I had a wonderful wonderful day on Saturday. Hopped on a train up to Edinburgh and quick as a flash I was there in a fun, exciting big city, easy peasy. I met one of my bestest buddies for a wander round the art galleries. Ailsa and I met aged 12, on a day spent looking round our 'big' school, we were partnered up and have been friends ever since. It's quite rare for me to find somebody who I can just talk and talk and talk with all day long without any awkwardness or long gaps. Ails and I talked NON-stop about anything and everything and it was SO super good for me and fun. Thanks for an awesome day Ails.

4. Jenny Saville. So in Edinburgh on my cultural day round the galleries we happened across a Jenny Saville exhibition, she is only my absolute favourite artist in the whole entire world. I didn't even check what exhibitions were on, so it was just by chance we saw this, but I was overjoyed. I saw huge famous pieces I had not seen IRL before, and certainly not all together like this. There were even new works too. She may not be to everyone's taste (google her if you have not seen her work) but I adore her paintings and wrote essays on her at uni, so seeing this exhibition was super special.

5. New hair. Got all my hairs chopped at the end of last week, just the right haircut for this super hot hot weather.  It's a few inches shorter than it was and I feel so refreshed. All my blonde tips and layers have pretty much gone now, so it's nice to sort of be back to my natural colour again. A haircut never fails to make me smile.

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  1. Oh Jo, what a wonderful post full of loveliness! I adore Pippa already, it sounds like you had such a lovely day with her. YAY to a new haircut! It's such a brilliant feeling!
    Sending lots of love your way,
    Peta xx

  2. Puppy cuddles are unrivaled as a source of wonderful. I'm often sandwiched between two and it's a glorious thing!
    More wonderful please
    M x


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