27 February 2019

Wonderful Wednesday ... February 2019

I am now writing this little list on the last Wednesday of each month. A happy little list of all the nice things I have been doing, eating, thinking about...that have made me smile in February.

1. Collaborative crochet. It's been an excellent month for crochet, I have had three exciting baby related projects on the go. A couple of little toys but the best was a collaborative project with my bestest school chums. We are dispersed round the country a little bit now and all are busy busy but I have really enjoyed the chance to see these guys a little more over the last few weeks and even better to be collaborating on a beautiful project doing my very favourite crochet hobby. I will be sharing the finished article soon.

2. Chocolate and almond butter porridge. I think I've cracked it, I've found a way to make non-dairy porridge to be just as creamy as the dairy variety. I was a little disappointed when trying to transition from cow's milk to non-dairy alternatives with my very fave breakfast. I've tried a few varieties, soya, almond, oat... but nothing quite replicates the creamy consistency you get from a cow. However I spotted on an instagram video Deliciously Ella dolloping nut butter into her porridge and thought, well I had better give that a go and YES! I've been using almond milk and a big dollop of smooth almond butter along with my very fave dairy free, sugar free, gluten free fake chocolate sweet freedom sauce to make the most heavenly bowl of breakfast yummyness. This one is saved strictly for indulgent weekends.

3. A new tattoo. Yes, yes I have a full on addiction to the things. But I have to get tattoos this year, because I put 'get 3 new tattoos' on my list of things I want to achieve this year, so I'm just ticking off the list you see. This new one is rather special though, a pretty fern snaking round my wrist, originating from an actual real life fern I picked from the beautiful woods and scanned in and printed out for my tattooer, who traced it and copied it for my new ink. It's so pretty and just freshly heeled, I can't stop looking at it.

4. Frosty day at the woods. The woods is up there right at the top of my very favourite places in the world. Each and every time we go it changes. There are new plants, leaves and flowers to see, or animal tracks or fallen trees and branches. At this time of year the woods seems so much bigger and you can see all the beautiful views from the steep banks. I'm pretty sure I say this to myself each season but I think winter must surely be my favourite time of the year at the woods, and this day we went at the beginning of the month was super frosty and crystal clear. I've never seen the woods in snow, so to see some teeny bits still lurking here and there and on the fells in the distance was pretty special.

5. The Light Years: The Cazalet Chronicles. I'm almost at the end of a new favourite audio book. I have heard about this one a bit recently, after seeing it on the lists of some authors I admire, so I was really excited to read it. It's the first of four books, I think. Originally written in the 1990s but set just before the outbreak of world war 2, its about a large posh family all congregated together in Sussex. It's pretty long, and actually when I consider it, not much happens, but the way she develops her characters, I just get lost in it, I LOVE it. I will be using up all my audible credits on the next few books in the series.

6. Pippa puppy.  My parent's sprocker puppy is the most over enthusiastic, bouncy, crazy, lovable person you will ever meet. She is quite literally the perfect medicine if you are feeling a little blue or had a bad day. She greets everyone with same licks, nibbles and bounces and she's just the happiest little thing. Pippy turned 1 year old this month, 1 whole year already. It was like yesterday we brought this teeny tiny little snoozy black thing home and she's very quickly made herself a huge part of the family. I was round at mum and dads the other weekend, Marky was fixing their shed roof (he's the best) so I spent a lovely couple of hours playing in the garden with crazy Pippy pup. Her energy is just endless.  Puppy photography is an impossible task, she does not stay still, but goodness she makes me smile.

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  1. What a wonderful February round-up! I’ve been doing this too for the last few months, intending to blog about other things in between but I haven’t really managed it yet - give it time hopefully!

    Do share a photo of your tattoo, it sounds gorgeous! What other ones do you have? It’s something I’ve always thought about getting but haven’t been brave enough so far. Perhaps when I turn 40…which isn’t as far away as it used to be!

    I love being in the woods, unfortunately not my own patch of woodland but since moving out of London last year, I have a patch near by that’s my favourite. It’s so peaceful and I feel like I notice the seasons more now than I ever did before.

    More photos of Pippa please! She’s gorgeous!

    Have a wonderful March xx

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment. Yes, I had intended to blog more during the month, but didn't quite get thee last month. But I have already got things scheduled this month, wuhu! I have a fair few tattoos now on my arms, I think 8, my right forearm is pretty much covered, all leaves, trees and my old dog, not sure about sharing photos of them, too nervous. Always go for it with tattoos I say! :-)

  2. Oh gosh Pippa!! I just want Pippa cuddles! Your porridge sounds absolutely scrumptious and the audio book sounds really interesting, I really must listen to more audio books! My time seems to be filled with so many podcasts!!
    Sending lots of love your way,
    Peta x


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