20 June 2012

'It's just a snail time of year!'

On Saturday at the beach when we were walking in the rain, we were amazed to discover that the path down from the little car park was over-run with snails! They were everywhere, and they were all such pretty colours and had such different patterned shells. 

I asked Mark why there were so many snails (he knows everything) and his answer was 'I guess it's just a snail time of year'! hehe, so I couldn't resist photographing a few...

I was so scared that I would step on one, there is nothing worse than hearing a crunch under your shoe to discover you have stepped on a snail, makes me want to cry!  Luckily I didn't step on any this time.

I also couldn't resist photographing this lonely little soggy Hairbell, they are one of my very faves.

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