6 June 2012

This month... May

Goodness, it is already 6th June and I am just getting my May recap post out! oops! Been enjoying the long bank hol a little much... and forgot to blog!

So this was my May...

Movies/TV Shows
Avengers Assemble I actually went to the cinema to see this, felt like ages since last went.  I don't usually like 'boy' films but I do like comic book movies, they are not very serious, you know it's going to all end happily and there are usually love stories in them too! Like Crazy I liked this, I like soppy love stories, it was maybe a bit too subtle and strangely directed for my usual tastes though, but I liked the storyline. • Don't trust the B**** in Apartment 23 This is quite funny, I do appreciate all the Dawson references, they make me chuckle.   Suburgatory I love how Alicia Silverstone is playing a hippy health freak, such a departure for her! hehe.  I do love her though!    Chatsworth Really enjoyed this documentary series, it's really interesting to see behind the scenes.  I badly want to go back and visit!

New Blogs Discovered
  • http://sallytangle.blogspot.co.uk/  I can't believe I found a fellow Carlisle blogger.  Sally's blog is super pretty, I love all her outfit posts the best, and I'm very jealous of her wardrobe.
  • http://claireabellemakes.com/ Claire is really lovely, her blog is full of the prettiest pictures of her home town and all her crafty projects, a new fave on my regular reads.
  • http://wishwishwish.net/ Really professional, well designed blog, lovely to look at.
  • http://www.shinythoughts.net/ Another lovely, professional effort. These blogs are an inspiration, are they just naturally talented at blogging or do they spend their entire day on blog posts?

Things That Made Me Smile
A relaxing week off work.  Meeting friends for picnic lunches in the sunshine. •  Long bike ride adventures to new places. •  Evening walks along the river. •  Presents from my boss! The burst of colourful summer flowers in the parks and gardens.  Discovering new amazing trees.   Sneaky ice cream breaks in the gardens at work. •  Making summer plans.  My sister being home. •  lovely comments on my blog.

•  Finally going to the doc about my crazy ankle.  Making new curtains for my flat. Teaching myself to crochet. •  Getting more exciting projects at work. •  English Heritage posting my blog post about Carlisle Castle on their FB page!

Well June certainly started out great with the long bank holiday and Jubilee, I wonder what else it will bring...


  1. NO idea what is going on with blogger today, but it is being rather annoying with fonts and text sizes, will not do as I ask. Hate having to leave it different fonts and sizes like this!!!

  2. I was actually just bobbing by to say a massive thank you for reading my ramblings and for a nosey but aahhhh thank you so much for your very kind words - i am proud to be in your May Re-cap…however many fonts and sizes it is!!!

    Hope you are well xxxxx

  3. Thanks for the mention Jo! Really enjoying your posts too :-) x


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