1 June 2012

This week

Screeeeam! This week there has been lots of pics in the press about the filming of the new series of Downton Abbey. HOW exciting! Cannot wait to watch it, and it will be the wedding and stuff, aaargh! (I am a HUGE fan of any period costume dramas!) Also how amazing is that house??? christ! Read the full article and see more pics here.

I have begun to notice all the summer flowers popping up in gardens.  Gone are all my spring faves, but I love the variety of summer flowers, and Rhododendrons are one of my very faves. (Had to check the spelling a bit for that one!!!) These beauties were just down the road from me, the bush was so heavy with the flowers, they looked like they had just burst open that day.  I could not resist snapping them whilst they were at their best. My poor attempt at photography, of course, cannot fully do them justice.  I love these flowers, my sister and I used to wear them as little hats, also have you noticed how they usually line the borders of huge country estates, this is what they make me think of anyway. I bet that house above has lots of these bushes!
Last Saturday morning was spent on a cheap shoe hunt!  I noticed that pretty much all my shoes have holes in the bottom so thought it was about time for some new ones.  I do love shoes, but to be honest I find it a bit of a pain finding ones that I like.  I am fussy, I admit it, I refuse to wear leather (I don't believe in eating cows why would I wear dead ones on my feet?!) so the shoes I have are not the best quality, but the up side is they are super cheap.  The top two are from Matalan and the bottom two are Forever 21. I ended up buying the pointy, spotty blue ones, £6 bargintastic! I wish Carlisle had a Forever 21 shop oh and a Primark would be nice too!

The weather has been amazing this week (well the first part anyway and last weekend) I am SO not a summer person, I like 100 deniers, woolly scarves and mittens but I have to admit it has put a big smile on my face.  We made the most of it at the weekend with a big long bike ride in the country, getting lost down little paths and country roads, then stopped at a lovely pub for ice cold fruit cider.  We even had chip shop chips and ice creams on the little river beach for tea, how English! hehe.  (Please weather stay nice for the long weekend!)

Have a super fun bank holiday weekend, are you doing anything splendid for the Jubilee? I am!!! (so excited) I will post more next week. x

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